15 original manicure options peas. Give your nails spring colors!

Do you want to handle your great look on a date or at a holiday party? Today, our editors will reveal the secret of how to quickly and easily create their own hands amazing manicure , which is perfect for any event.

I admit it, because it wants to be irresistible spring from top to toe! There is no need to make appointments to the master, luxury polka dot manicure can be done at home, having at hand only a few basic colors.

We hope that our options manicure be sure you like!

Ideas for spring manicure
White-blue manicure will be the perfect complement to the appearance of the spring, and blue outfit will make the image complete .

Business girl is perfect for stylish small polka dots on a beige background.

This manicure is also likely to appeal to a modest office workers.

Exquisite Manicure fashionistas this will come in handy. We just need to add to its image a few accessories in pastel shades.

Gentle girls will love this option unpretentious design of nails.

Optionally, the entire nail to cover the peas when you can safely eksperimentirovat.

dressed in a classic style, do not forget about the classic manicure. It will be the perfect complement to a rigorous kostyumu.

On the lavender background looks perfect black pea. Take adopted this design!

romantic nature, I love the exquisite jacket may enjoy this option neizbity.

It is possible in addition to use a large peas sweet decorations. They accentuate your elegance.

The notes are relevant even in the silver manicure.

Determined women will appreciate the bright red pea.

A creative girls come to the delight of the ability to combine colors and shades.

Another option manicure in classic style. Your hands will look perfect against the black klatcha.

Delicate shades are always in fashion, and try this option manikyura.

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