The most unusual paranormal phenomena in Russia

Today I want to tell you about the 11 most interesting events and paranormal places of our country.

1. Pick up the astronauts with UFOs

Pioneers of space exploration was not easy: the technology of the space age mankind left much to be desired, so emergency situations arise quite often, like the one faced by Alexei Leonov, was almost left in the open space.
But some of the surprises that await the pioneers of space in orbit, is not associated with the equipment. Many returned from the orbit of Soviet cosmonauts told about unidentified flying objects that appear near the Earth spacecraft, and scientists still can not give an explanation for this phenomenon.

Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalyonok said that during his stay at the station "Salyut-6" in 1981, he observed a bright luminous object the size of a finger, is rapidly enveloping the Earth in its orbit. Kovalyonok called crew commander Viktor Savinykh, and he saw an unusual phenomenon, he immediately went for the camera. At this time, "finger" broke out and divided into two entities, interconnected, and then disappeared.
Photograph it and failed, but the crew immediately reported the phenomenon on Earth.
About sightings of unknown objects as repeatedly reported by the mission station "Mir", as well as staff of the cosmodrome Baikonur - in the vicinity of UFOs appear quite often.

2. Chelyabinsk meteorite

February 15 this year, residents of Chelyabinsk and surrounding settlements have seen an unusual phenomenon in the Earth's atmosphere has become a celestial body that the brightness of the fall 30 times the sun. As it turned out, it was a meteorite, although put forward different versions of the phenomenon, including the use of secret weapons or the machinations of the aliens (many still do not rule out such a possibility).
Exploded in the air, the meteorite was divided into many pieces, the largest of which had fallen into the lake Chebarkul not far from Chelyabinsk, and the remaining fragments scattered over a wide area, including some regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. According to NASA, the largest space object falling to the ground, since the Tunguska bolide.

"Guest" from outer space struck the city quite considerable damage: the blast in many buildings smashed windows, and about 1,600 people received injuries of varying severity.
In this series of "space" for Chelyabinsk adventure is not over: a few weeks after the fall of the meteorite, on the night of March 20 in the sky over the city hung a huge glowing ball. He watched very many citizens, but the exact explanation of where all of a sudden there was the "second sun", and even at night, yet. However, some believe that the ball is originated from the reflection of the city lights on the specific location of ice crystals in the atmosphere - that night Chelyabinsk covered thick cold mist.

3. Sakhalin monster

The remains of an unknown substance found soldiers of the Russian army on the coast of Sakhalin Island in September of 2006. According to the structure of the skull monster is somewhat reminiscent of a crocodile, but the rest of the skeleton did not look like any one known to science reptile. To fish it also can not be attributed, and the locals who showed soldiers find, could not recognize it any creature that lives in these waters. The remains of animal tissue, and, by him, it was covered with hair. The corpse quickly got their hands on special services, and further his studies took place "behind closed doors».

Now, most experts are inclined to believe that these were the remains of any cetacean, according to some versions - or killer whales, but others argue that their skeleton being different from those from the other. Alternatively, the "accepted" view can be called the opinion that the remains belonged to prehistoric animals, which probably still preserved in the depths of the oceans.

4. Seeing mermaid

Mermaids - one of the main heroes of Russian folklore. According to legend, the spirits that live in ponds, are born as a result of painful death of women and children, and rumor has it that the meeting with the mermaid does not bode well: they often tempt men, luring them into the depths of lakes or swamps, stealing children frighten animals and generally do not behave decently too. According to tradition, to the year it was successful and fertile, villagers brought various gifts mermaids, singing them songs and dances staged in honor of the undead souls.
Of course, now these beliefs are not nearly as common as in the old days, but in some parts of Russia still are rituals associated with mermaids. The most significant of these is the so-called mermaid Week (also known as Trinity week or spend mermaid) - the week preceding the Trinity (50th day after Easter).
The main part of the ritual - production and destruction of stuffed mermaid, accompanied by fun, music and dancing. During the week mermaid women do not wash your hair to protect themselves from the spirits, and men with the same purpose are with garlic and walnuts. Of course, at this time it is strictly forbidden to go into the water - not dragged any bored mermaid.

5. The Russian Roswell

Rocket military training ground near the village of Kapustin Yar in the northwest of the Astrakhan region is often found in reports of the most bizarre and unexplained events. Here, with surprising regularity observed UFOs and various other curious phenomena. Because of the loudest event of this kind Kapustin Yar was nicknamed Russian Roswell by analogy with the city in the US state of New Mexico, where, according to some assumptions, in 1947, crashed alien ship.
Almost a year after the Roswell incident, on June 19 1948, in the sky over the Kapustin Yar appeared silvery object shape of a cigar. The alarm had been raised in the air three MiG, and one of them managed to incite UFOs. "Cigar" immediately launched into a beam fighter, and he fell to the ground, unfortunately, the pilot did not have time to eject. Silver also dropped the object in the vicinity of Kapustin Yar, and he was immediately transported to the landfill bin.
Of course, many times questioned the information, but some documents of the KGB, declassified in 1991 show that the military is not seen on the Kapustin Yar something is not fit into the framework of modern science.

6. Nina Kulagina

During the Second World War, the then Nina Kulagina served as a radio operator in the tank, and participated in the defense of the northern capital. As a result of injuries she was the reserve, and after the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad got married and had a baby.
In the early 1960s, she became famous throughout the Soviet Union as Nina Kulagina - psychic and the owner of the other paranormal abilities. She could heal people with the power of thought, to determine the color of their fingertips, see through the tissue that lies in people's pockets, to move objects at a distance, and more. Her gift is often subjected to examination and verification by specialists in various institutions, including secret research institutions, and many testified that Ninel either extremely clever charlatan, or actually has abnormal abilities.
No conclusive evidence is not the first, although some of the former employees of the Soviet Research Institute says that the demonstration of "supernatural" abilities Kulagin used various tricks and sleight of hand, what has been known to investigate the activities of its experts to the KGB.
Until his death in 1990, Nina Kulagina was considered one of the most powerful psychics of XX-th century, and its associated unexplained phenomena received the designation "K-phenomenon».

7. Dragon of Brosno

Brosno Lake, located in the Tver region - the deepest freshwater lake in Europe, but all over the world it is known mainly because of the mysterious creature, which, as the locals believe, dwells in him.
In many (but unfortunately not vindicated documented) stories in the lake not seen the animal length of about five meters, resembling someone like a dragon, although nearly all observers describe it differently. A local legend says that a long time ago, "the dragon of Brosno" were eaten by the Tatar-Mongol warriors, making a lakeside camp. According to another story, the middle Brosno once suddenly appeared in the "island", which after a while disappeared - it is assumed that it was the back of a huge unknown beast.
Although reliable data on the monster, supposedly living in the lake, yet, many agree that some oddities in Brosno and around sometimes still occur.

8. Space Defense Troops

Russia has always sought to be protected from all possible external (and internal) threats, and more recently in the interests of the defense of our homeland security includes its cosmic boundaries. To repel an attack from outer space in the year 2001 were created by the Space Forces, and in 2011, the year formed the basis of their troops Aerospace Defense (ASD).
The objectives of this arm includes mainly the organization of anti-missile defense and control of military satellites, coordinating it, though, and the command is considering the possibility of aggression by alien races. However, in early October of this year, responding to a question, Are EKR to attack the aliens, Sergei Berezhnaya, Assistant Chief of the test space center named after German Titov, said: "To fight with extraterrestrial civilizations, we, unfortunately, are not yet ready" . Let's hope the newcomers do not know about.

9. Ghosts Kremlin

In our country, few places can match with the Moscow Kremlin on the mystery and the number of stories about ghosts that are found there. For several centuries it is the main stronghold of the Russian state, and, according to legend, the restless souls of the victims of the struggle for her (and her) still roam the corridors of the Kremlin and dungeons.
Some say that in the Ivan the Great Bell can sometimes hear the weeping and wailing of Ivan the Terrible to atone for their sins. Others mentioned that the Kremlin saw the spirit of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, with three months before his death, when the leader of the world proletariat was seriously ill and has never left his residence in Gorki. But the most famous ghost of the Kremlin considered, of course, the spirit of Joseph Stalin, who appears whenever the country is expected to shocks. From ghost blows cold, and sometimes if he tries to say something, perhaps cautioning power management error.

10. Black Bird of Chernobyl

A few days before the infamous crash of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power station four employees reported seeing what looked like a huge dark man with wings and glowing red eyes. Most of this description is reminiscent of the so-called Mothman - a mysterious creature that supposedly has repeatedly appeared in the town of Point Pleasant West Virginia American.
Meet fantastic monster Chernobyl workers claimed that after the meeting he received several threatening phone calls and almost everyone began to dream incredibly vivid nightmares.
On April 26, the nightmare did not happen in the dreams of staff, and at the station, and the amazing stories of forgotten, but only for a short time until put out a fire that raged after the explosion, the survivors of the fire told us that clearly seen the 6-foot black bird that flew of the clubs of radioactive smoke, valivshego from the destroyed fourth block.

11. Well hell

In 1984, Soviet geologists started the ambitious project of super-deep well drilling on the Kola Peninsula. The main aim was to satisfy the curiosity of research and testing fundamental possibility of such a deep penetration into the interior of the planet.
According to legend, when the drill reached a depth of about 12 km, devices registered strange sounds coming from the depths, and most similar to the cries and moans. In addition, the great depth were discovered voids where the temperature reached 1100 ° C. Some have even reported the demon off from the well and glowing inscription "I won," emerged in the sky after the hole in the ground heard terrible screams.
All this gave rise to rumors that Soviet scientists drilled "well hell," but many of the "evidence" can not withstand scientific criticism, for example, documented that the temperature at the bottom, which reached the drill, was 220 ° C.
Perhaps the best thing about "pit" David told Myronovych Huberman, one of the authors and the project leaders of the Kola super-deep well: "When I was questioned about the mysterious history, I do not know what to say. On one side of the story about the "demon" - bullshit. On the other hand, as an honest scientist, I can not say that I know what it is that we happen. Really was recorded a very strange noise, then there was an explosion ... Several days later, nothing like that at the same depth it was not found ».



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