Using random in their favor

In the book "The turning point» (The Click Moment) describes various approaches to the use of chance in his favor. Here are some of them:

1. Increase the number of turning points of his life.
It's much easier than you might think. Most of us by nature are slaves of habit. We prefer what we already know, avoiding uncomfortable for us to places where we feel out of their territory. The room reminded people instead strike up a conversation with a stranger, we try to keep some of those whom we know. We are so much stuck in their habits that no longer we return myself in this report and continue to get bogged down in them.
Try to change their habits. Attend various cafes. Read magazines that you've never read. Start a conversation with someone in the elevator, on the plane or in the park, which will go for a walk, despite the weather, or downloaded to your business schedule. Surround yourself with people who are different from you, whether by birth or by profession, or belong to a different culture. Immerse yourself in this variety.

2. Refuse from what is on the surface.
If you walk on the basis of logic, you go through the standard and you do what everyone else is doing, and so you will miss its unique capabilities. My friend Marcus Samuelsson, well-known personality in the field of gastronomy, the owner of the restaurant Red Rooster, in which he himself is the chef, told me how he managed to become a chef for a government dinner at the White House in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. < br /> Starting in 1874, all government lunches expected use of the Franco-American cuisine. At the White House has been invited 15 award-winning chefs, including Marcus, who had to offer his version of the lunch menu. Fortunately for Marcus, all offered French-American menu, which is a mandatory component meats. Knowing that the Indian Prime Minister Singh - vegetarian, Marcus offered a vegetarian menu based on Indian cuisine. He was selected by the chef for the dinner, and, thus, the White House has broken the tradition of the French-American menu lunches government.

3. Increase the number of attempts, but try to purposefully.
Pablo Picasso for his life has created more than 50 thousand pieces. A conglomerate Virgin Group companies simultaneously running more than 400 projects. The company Rovio developed 51 game and only one of them, "Angry Birds" has become a bestseller. For all of these individuals and companies are common is that they all did a lot of attempts.
Since its release in 2009, the game "Angry Birds" was downloaded over a billion times, and the company became known for Rovio. The result was public opinion that the company has acquired an instant success. But it is not so. As you know, over the past eight years, Rovio has developed a dozen games. But before the "evil birds" none of her game was not popular.


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