Crazy old advertising

If you do not look at the western advertisement 50-70 years wide, it is easy to think that all it was a great sample of art direkshena, copywriting thoughtful and humane approach.

Sometimes the creators of those years is particularly distinguished in the images of children, torture, pedophilia and the awakening of racism, the promotion of free acquisition, storage and use of weapons. Touting the most bizarre invention. So frantic machismo in many prints also present, as without it.


Show her that this is the world of men

Chef can do everything, but cooking - that's what the wife needed

This is a game - Broomsticks (pants)

Men better than women!

You mean that even a woman opens it?

Husbands: Take a good look at this ad. Find what you chose your wife. Go and buy it, until your wife began to sob


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