Why the concept of “old maid” has long been out of date and how we can fight it

The definition of “old maid” itself is perceived as unattractive and humiliating, but it is not possible to completely get rid of this “stigma”. Every year the age of the beauties to which this term refers increases. Therefore, there is a faint hope that such a concept will soon cease to exist. In the meantime, our girls have to put up with: if you didn’t get married before the age of 25, now you’re an old maid!

The editors of “Site” will tell you why this concept is hopelessly outdated. And also about why it disappeared completely in the West.

The Old Maid At every family holiday, when close relatives gather, the old maid becomes the center of everyone's attention. One gets the impression that people are no longer interested in anything other than questions about the personal life of an unmarried young lady. Favorite topics of conversation at the table: whether a friend has been too busy with girls, does she have a fiancé, is she going to get married, and the like.

This behavior is explained by our upbringing. Girls were taught from childhood that they must get married and have a baby. The sequence of actions was not violated, since society strictly condemned the presence of extramarital affairs, and especially children. But it’s not easier without a child: those around her forced a childless woman to feel flawed and unfulfilled. Some girls agreed to marriage without mutual love, because the years were “running fast.” Nowadays, young people pay less and less attention to age and increasingly live in civil marriages. There are no stamps in passports, there is no rush to have children, and no one can be called an old maid or a bachelor. Now sort out your family relationships!

Elderly people do not like the current situation; they attribute the resulting confusion to the “pernicious influence of the West.” But if you take a closer look, there is a lot to learn from prosperous neighbors.

There is no such thing! In the West, the concept of “old maid” does not exist. There's a completely different mentality there. In developed countries, girls and boys first get an education and build a career, and then they think about family and procreation, if time and desire arise. Men have always been more indifferent to children, and nothing can be done about it. But there are also girls who have no maternal instinct at all. If couples don't feel the need to become parents, perhaps those couples shouldn't have a baby? Based on these social phenomena, a whole subculture arose, which was called “childfree”. It was formed in the USA and is gradually gaining popularity among modern youth.

European women are socially protected and more independent. In the event of divorce and during forced separation, they are not left with nothing. Abroad, ladies do not devote themselves entirely to their husbands and children, but are more engaged in self-improvement and personal development. The men there are not spoiled by attention and know that their chosen ones need little support, because they are able to provide for themselves. Spouses show respect for each other and build equal partnerships.

Foreign women value honesty, simplicity and freedom. They are honest, first of all, with themselves. When they are not satisfied with the salary or position, women boldly declare this and, if necessary, change their place of work. If there is no trust in a relationship, girls easily break up with their partner. They openly talk about what they don't like and are not afraid to hurt other people's feelings. Abroad, local beauties pay little attention to their appearance. They prefer to look natural so that the makeup is not noticeable, and they choose comfortable shoes and clothes.

They also live as it suits them. European women do not listen to the opinions of others and do not discuss personal problems with strangers (what are psychologists for then?!). They may seem soulless and callous to us, because no one will listen to other people’s sighs and sympathize with you. It's not accepted there.

If I consider freedom from children to be one of the manifestations of selfishness (this is purely my opinion, and you have every right to disagree with me), then our women can adopt some principles of living abroad. What do you think?


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