Nike Borzov -Barashko and other aliases

What Lenin actually was Ulyanov, Hitler - Schicklgruber, and Stalin - Dzhugashvili, they know everything. But how many know that Irina Allegrova - it ...

... Some creative nickname Inessa Klimchuk, a native of Ukraine? Or Leonid Agutin real name Leonty Chizhov? So the purpose of this study purely scientific, informative and educational - to help learn from dick dick on stage, in movies, politics, etc. etc.

To get! but Lenin in his life was already ... 146 nicknames! The most famous of them - Basil, Bolshevik, uncle, Ivan Ivanov, Vladimir Ilyin, I., Karic, Karpov, Konstantinov, Kubyshkin, Kupriyanov, sloths, Meyer layman observer illiberal skeptic Osipov, Petrov, Piryuchev, Outsider, Pravdists, Richter, Silin, Officer, Old Man, statistics, K. Tulin, William Frey, Reader (pipets. Volodya Ulyanov zhzhot !!)

And the absolute world record for the number of aliases is a Arsenevich Konstantin Mikhailov, satirist, who in the period 1890 - 1916 years. printed in all parts of the comic all major Russian newspapers and magazines under the pseudonym 325!

Present on the order livelier and more interesting, the more that the current "heroes" are always before my eyes.

Let's start with the representatives of domestic (and not) in show business. About Agutin and Allegrova already he said, and now it was the turn of Helen Lyovochkin ... damn you EPT, ie Alena Apina. While, however, what's the difference if it is one and the same person?

This Russian woman Nadezhda Babkin really - Hope Zasedateleva, Ukrainian whether the violinist, or a singer (and more and more, both together, and the bad) Assia Ahat - Inessa Danilova, "born" the name of Angelica Varum - Maria.

Andrei Gubin a child named Andrei Klementeva, Decl - Cyril Tolmatskogo, Larisa Dolina bore the name Myachinskaya, Valeria was Alla Perfilieva. By the way, when the singer recently divorced from her husband-producer, husband laid claim to his nickname coined by the performer. The prospect of performing under his real name Allke does not relish, and she quickly changed in all documents his real name on the stage. Now let try, take away!

"Little horse" Naik Borzov - typical fashion victim: during his creative formation word Nike or Adidas have been something of a spell. And so it is only Nikolai Barashko ...

Now hold on a chair or on what you still sitting there. Singer Chris Kelme - is none other than Anatoly Kalinkin (oh, Tolya, Tolya), Alexander Malinin before his advent on the stage wearing a name Vyguzov Sergei Lemokh from "Carmen" was Ogurtsov, Natalia Koroleva responded to Natasha Poryvai, the late Michael The circle on the passport was ... no, not square, Vorobyov.

But the lyrics - this, of course, our Ukrainian Larry Winn. No wonder the poor fellow had to take a pseudonym - to speak the name of Valery Woodpeckers on our stage fraught. The audience we have, though friendly, but loves to joke.

"Ichthyander" Russian pop - Vitas - real name Vitaly Grachev Vladasovich, Danko - Alexander Fadeev, Dolphin - Andrew Lysikov, Linda - Svetlana Gaiman, Nikita - Alex Fokin, Oscar - Shamil Malkanduev, Petlyura - Yuri Barabash ...

It is now a resounding name of the famous Andrei Razin, deafening creator of the popular 15 years ago, "Tender May" - Vadim Krivorotov. Not for nothing, apparently, it is "tied" to the stage and moved into politics - there are not yet there.

It is also interesting to know the real names of two prominent figures of Soviet culture - Stas Namin and Seva Novgorodtseva (this, of course, it is not the Soviet, but oh well). So, first name Anastas Mikoyan A. (yes, the very relative, the party, but now it is clear from these successes in show business), and the second - Vsevolod B. Lowenstein.

Leonid Utesov (nee Leiser Klementevich Vaysbeyn) and Arkady Arcana (passport Arkady Mikhailovich Shtejnbuka).

Regarding the latter an interesting story told by the late Gregory Gorin (real name - Grigory Izrailevich Ofshteyn). "When Ofshteyn Shtejnbuka and came on the radio, the editor Gubarev said:" This is even with the king was not allowed! "My mother - Gorinskiy and I first took the pseudonym Gorinshteyn. He later declined to Gorin. Over time, this nickname became dear to me, and my passport on the name. And Arkanov first alias Mikhailov lasted maybe two months - did not sound. And then he remembered that in his youth he was called Arkan - it was the institute's nickname. Over time, this became an alias name ยป.

A similar case was and Seeds Farad. At the end of the filming of "Forward, guards" director studio summoned L. Seeds Ferdman (real name of the actor) and honestly warned that such a name in the credits of the film of his studio he would not allow write. The poor man and could only, what to ask, why write Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian names. "They have a republic", - the director cut off. As recognized by the actor himself, he is in such situations simply deprived of speech. But in the end still shouted: "Well, think up some charade!" - And he just mumbled: "Charade-farad, charade-farad." And that means Faraday, science is still unknown, but it appears in the credits - S. Farad.




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