Of the disciplinary battalion (47 photos)

Report from the disciplinary battalion, from the author of 28 separate disciplinary battalion in Moulineaux - one of the two remaining Russian disciplinary battalion. Second - near Chita. But in those days, when the disciplinary battalion in the country was more Mulino was considered one of the safest, if not the word "welfare" and "disciplinary battalion" can be placed next. A few hours spent in this institution inspires respect, I think it turned out to be extremely useful. Rare power source of knowledge of life.
Disciplinary battalion - not a prison, and military units. 12801 HF serve two types of personnel - fixed and variable. Servicemen of variable composition - are those that are within the secured perimeter. Get inside at different times, from three months to two years. At the moment, in part 170 "guests" of the 800 possible.

Knowledgeable people explained: call in a disciplinary battalion - the task is not so simple. I mean, there are a few "accidentally stumbled", more of those who managed to acquire his work quite significant personal "glory." Army - not the Chamber of Weights and Measures and mainstay scout troop, is a huge organization within which happens all the mass of the strangest violations and deviations. And some have to strain to be personally seen against the general background. Some have not regretted it forces.
In disciplinary battalion many of those who indulged in the so-called hazing. Otherwise, this kind of relationship called "hazing" or "godkovschinoy." One of the most common types of bullying - beating colleagues. In addition to the "executioners" great and the percentage of "sochintsev" (op - absence without leave), or as they are called - "skiers". Generally speaking, the articles on which the soldiers convicted of variable composition, not so much.
For example, Article 335 of the Criminal Code. Violation of the regulations on personal relations in the absence of subordination relations between them. Violation of the regulations on personal relations in the absence between them of subordination relations, connected with humiliation of honor and dignity, or a mockery of the victim or involving violence, shall be punished in a disciplinary military unit for a term not exceeding two years, or imprisonment for up to three years. And sub-Article.
Or Article 337. Unauthorized leaving unit or place of service. Absence without leave or place of service, as well as absence without valid excuse at the service of the dismissal of the section, with the appointment, transfer, from a business trip, vacation or hospital lasting more than two days, but not more than ten days, committed undergoing military conscription - is punished by imprisonment for up to six months or in a disciplinary military unit for a period of up to one year. And again, a bunch of sub.
There is a disciplinary battalion former thieves, brawlers, thieves, bullies and unprincipled just amazing caliber of fools (for those interested - almost hour movie with real stories). But rapists, murderers and other criminals do not. For these places are a wing.
Here, incidentally, is a very big question arises - where, in fact, is better: a disciplinary battalion or in prison? Personally, I do not know the right answer, but I suspect that the disciplinary battalion for most useful to call the prison. But this is my fantasy of course, as it is there in fact - I do not know. But I know that there were no marks of previous convictions in passport soldier, spend time in the disciplinary battalion - no. Military Commissar, of course, will not be difficult to understand what lies behind the lines about staying in the HF 12801, but for the rest, for the uninvolved - a reputation untarnished. This, it is believed, in some circumstances for a young man can be expensive.
"Nothing makes life a warrior, as a discipline ...»
In companies - only ordinary. Past achievements, titles and distinctions in the standings do not go. Branch of service and specialization also play no role. Sailor motostrelok, border guard or "Vova" - all are equally friendly to the bosom take disciplinary battalion. Shear shaved and disguised in new uniforms. Times when a disciplinary battalion wore Red Army uniform of 1943 - passed. Forage caps with asterisks, trousers and gimnastёrok with stand-up collar warehouses are no more.


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