The walls of the disciplinary battalion

Reporters visited the twenty-eighth in a separate disciplinary battalion in the town of Moulineaux and seeing the conditions in which the convicted for war crimes, and how is their service.

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Reporters visited the twenty-eighth in a separate disciplinary battalion in the town of Moulineaux and seeing the conditions in which the convicted for war crimes, and how is their service.

Nizhny Novgorod Region. Among forests and swamps stretched village Moulineaux. In fact, the term "village" is not entirely correct - it's just a big military town, where not numerous civilians represented only retirees, and family members of military personnel and core enterprises are the many military units. High fences to hide behind a barracks and fleet of armored vehicles, ride on rough roads almost exclusively painted green trucks, and from the neighboring landfill and then heard the sound of machine-gun fire and cannon volleys.

Among other parts, there is one special. Outwardly, it hardly stands out from the other series, but enjoys a well-deserved reputation and threatening - in the Armed Forces of the country do not have a single soldier or a sergeant, who would not know about its existence. This is a separate disciplinary battalion, one of only two left in Russia. Nightmare every conscript. For some of them it becomes a terrible reality. Behind these walls and barbed wire fences reigns absolutely indescribable atmosphere - there are no smiles and the twinkle in his eye, there is no smoke breaks and companionship, no layoffs and gatherings in 'chepken. " There is only Her Majesty military discipline - ruthless, merciless, senseless and boundless. Eight hours a day - drill exercises on the parade ground, the eight hours - or cramming statute (for the lucky ones!), Hard physical labor in the workshop concrete products, and finally, eight hours of sleep.

The only outlet in a series of endless routine - short breaks for meals. Move it on the parade ground, which is possible only in the barracks of two types - marched or ran. Any negligence, any fault entail penalties, the most severe of which is solitary confinement in the guardhouse stone bag for a period of 10 to 30 days, or a military court, and a new term.







They were lucky ...

But do not feel sorry for the unfortunate soldiers hurried and angry cruel conditions of service in disciplinary battalion - the vast majority of those 140 shaved young people that make up the staff of the three disciplinary mouth deserved his punishment. There are exceptions, but they only prove the rule.

Hazing - one of the main reasons leading soldiers in the dock of the military court, and then - in a disciplinary battalion. There convicted of theft, extortion, illegal abandonment of the desertion. The latter do not like much. "With them the most problems - recognized officers. - From them you do not know what to expect. Those who hit the muzzle, much easier. They are more predictable ".

"I'm a convicted Pskov garrison military court under articles 334 part one, part two, for two years," - hiding his eyes and barely moving his lips - full name not tell, says one of the two convicts, which was allowed to talk to the correspondent Reedus in " Lenin's room ".

"February 12, 2011 in paragraph heating personnel in the park of combat vehicles, I entered into conversation with colleagues. Present at the same time asked the sergeant to end the conflict. Unhappy with his actions, I hit his arm, "- continues guy. From this monologue in the language of "police report" becomes terrible. "Another sergeant, wanting to repay the fight came and pushed me with his hands. It seemed to me that this aggression on his part, and I struck him several times in the chest. In the aggregate result of the crimes committed by me showed me five episodes ".

"I was lucky that the court did not send me to prison and replaced by confinement in a disciplinary military unit" - the final passage is a much better fighter fails the first part. He says that "changed the outlook on life," "began to understand what military discipline", "become more moderate and hard-working." Man breathes with sadness. The second prisoner seater from the bottom. His episode is no less typical. The exercise, he decided to "hasten his colleague with the cleaning of the tent," and then "struck a blow to the back, thereby causing it closed abdominal trauma with rupture of the spleen".

About what happened and the first and second regret and ask for a "future soldier", "restrain their negative emotions", "to comply with regulations, laws, commanders and chiefs".



Welcome ...

A small, almost empty room. On one side of the table and a chair on the other - a small rise on the background of the wooden panel decorated with two-headed eagle stamp and slogan "Serve the Russian Federation!". On the dais is puny soldier in a brand new uniform "from Yudashkin" political officer at the table read him the rules of service in a disciplinary unit. Near crowd several officers in the gray police uniform - a convoy that brought the convict. The soldier standing with downcast eyes, but it is clear that he is in a state of infinite horror. The sentence - a year disciplinary battalion.

Read multi-page document is finished, and the foreman quarantine company takes the kid. Now, on this side of the world it would be only a year. The story is simple - soldiers of, called to the Caucasus, he served in Moscow in the internal troops (these are the guys who regularly see the Muscovites in the metro and in the cordon during mass events). Quarreled with his immediate commander, he struck him several times, breaking his nose and jaw. "In fact, for a year - that's enough," - says one of the officers. But the court decided. However, the "Caucasian" the question now is not so relevant. The percentage of offenders "southerners" and "Slavs" equal.


Putin is with us, and Christ ...

On the territory of the disciplinary battalion has an Orthodox church and a prayer room for Muslims. It is regularly visited by priests convicted and Mullah. But access to the "spiritual food" gets only one who has no violations. No wonder that in such circumstances, people are drawn to God. Prayers, religious rituals - another opportunity to diversify the everyday routine. However, there are still viewing the military-patriotic films, and even KVN! Wall newspaper "Flash", which was released convicts on holidays, happy unpretentious but honest soldier poems (orthography preserved - Ed.): "In spite nachto we Platz clean. No marozi nor blizzards we do not scare. All we remove the snow and clear marched pass ".

Past the country's March 4 election is not passed Moulineaux party. Military "cons" showed enviable resistance to political preferences and not the first time unanimously voted for Putin and the ruling party. Rating supreme commander here ranged from 58 to 72% in different areas. In the last elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation 98% of the soldiers of the 28th Battalion separate disciplinary voted for the party "United Russia".

15. God forbid anyone to get there. All.



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