A huge vertical garden on the walls of Italian shopping centre

Six million one hundred ninety four thousand sixty three

The idea of creating vertical gardens is not new: for the first time such an unusual installations appeared in Paris in 1988. The idea to "expand" the angle of view on traditional green spaces at exactly 90 degrees arose from the French botanist and designer Patrick Blanc. Since the similar way the greening of walls and roofs has been successfully used by many landscape designers, but the real masters were the Italians: on the walls of the shopping center in the town of Rozanno they were able to accommodate the world's largest vertical garden, which did not fail to be in the Guinness Book of records!

Eighty five million nine hundred nineteen thousand three hundred thirty three

On the square in 1263 sq. m. (recall that the previous record was set in Madrid and amounted to 844 sq. m), the designers managed to place a record number of plants — approximately 44 000! Italian architect Francisco Bollani, who oversaw the project, notes that the cultivation of plants his team spent a year, another 90 days it took to place them on the walls of commercial buildings. At first glance it may seem that the building is covered with a layer of soil, but both plants are planted in special containers that are attached to the walls. This innovative technology landing vertical garden turned out to be very expensive – the cost of the project is estimated at EUR 1 million.

Thirty nine million six hundred eight thousand seven hundred twenty three

The purpose of creating a vertical garden is not only a purely aesthetic. The shopping centre Director Simone Rao said that this project aims to create an architectural masterpiece which at the same time, would perform the function of energy saving installations. Plants planted on the walls, helping to regulate the indoor temperature, protect visitors from direct sunlight, absorb carbon dioxide and reduce noise.

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