Birthday authority in Serpukhov jail

In Serpukhov near Moscow prison scandal: the prisoners arranged in the chamber birthday credibility masquerade and a feast with caviar and tequila.
The venue of the festival was the Serpukhov controversial detention center, and the main hero of the occasion - the so-called "looking" in prison.

Then, still under investigation, and now convicted of robbery Anton Kuznetsov celebrated his birthday tequila and caviar. It was in early 2011 - can be seen in the pictures are not yet harvested Christmas ornaments. "Guests" at the prison 12 birthday party were once comrades Kuznetsova on neschastyu.Hotya, judging by the photos, got into the editor of the portal, these comrades did not look unhappy.

One of the photos birthday boy sits at the head is not in prison generously laden with table - fresh fruits and vegetables, pickles and home of Olivier. On the other - Kuznetsov prepares richly oiled red caviar sandwich - the third in a special window receives food from the "McDonalds».

Officials who helped organize the Serpukhov jail drunk birthday authority?



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