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Outdoor advertising, which is large enough for its audience large, medium and very small, but unusual performances. Boring billboards have long been in the past. Today the ball is ruled interactive, event and viral success. Come to the aid of high technology to make the advertising media as interactive as possible and great ideas that turn placing a single billboard in a real event.
At the heart of all of the following campaign is a simple mechanical action that makes the advertising message is much more interesting for the audience.

Exploding billboard courier Deadline

In the summer of 2007 in the heart of Auckland appeared a single billboard, promising that in the evening on July 22 this message will self-destruct. Electronic clock on the shield in the reverse order counting the seconds until emergency, which occurred at exactly the appointed time. During the explosion could be seen in the vicinity of neposredsvenno advertising and online network of couriers. Deadline Couriers has gained a reputation for knowing exactly the price of a rush order and deadline.

Candy Pascall «When the fruit explodes»

Brand fruit candies Pascall set billboard with an awl and inflatable strawberries. Fruit gradually grew and grew in size, and all comers are invited to guess the "meeting" sewed and strawberries and the consequent explosion. Strawberry burst November 15, 2008, and the winner will receive $ 5,000.

Means for stomach Pepto-bismol

Those who periodically "cool" stomach can compare this feeling to work the washing machine, and noticed that the advertising means Pepto Bismol.

Chainsaws Stihl «Coupon»

The company Stihl, a chainsaw produces, put your product on a billboard next to the plywood discount coupons. After a few days of inactivity revived outdoor advertising with a special person who came, climbed on board and drank and went out the coupon at a discount under his arm.

Scrub Pond's «It's time»

"Living billboard" as well as possible transfers property Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub, which are described in the advertising campaign slogan - "cleans pores. Grappling with acne. " Most interesting is that the cleaner - it's not a dummy, but a living person who cleans the whole day time, bringing it to the virgin purity.

Adidas «Incredible goalkeeper»

Two days before the start of UEFA EURO 2008 games in Vienna park Vienna Prater 42-meter Petr Cech with eight arms and ferris wheel goalkeeper demonstrated his incredible coolness.

Breakfast at McDonald's

A huge egg opens with the first rays of the sun, announcing breakfast at McDonald's.

Billboard Puzzle Allan Gray

Advertising South African bank, consisting of 6,000 pieces collected 4 weeks. Caption: "The desire without patience - nothing."

NedBank «The energy of the people»

The Bank has established in South Africa, solar panels on a billboard. These batteries are allowed to work without the use of traditional energy kitchen and dining nearby school.

Social advertising on road safety

In New Zealand, over the route with the highest mortality rate in the rainy season set a billboard with a picture of a little boy who started to bleed when the rain began. The inscription on the billboard reads: "Rain changes everything. Please consider weather conditions ».

Video game Colin McRae: Dirt 2

Janitors working, brushing the dirt from the billboard autosimulator as a race car windshield.

Laundry detergent Tide

Clean crisp white posters were placed on one of the busiest streets of Frankfurt, with the constant movement of vehicles. The poster was covered with specially treated cotton, which antidust. Within a few days, a poster covered with dust, and the places which were made of cotton - no, thus demonstrating clean clothes.

McDonalds «Sundial»

In 2007, the fast-food giant posted a sundial in Chicago, who worked from 8 am to 11 am, and shows that the time has come to have a McDonald's.

The operator of outdoor advertising Interbest Outdoor

"The sooner your advertising will be here - the better" - with this slogan appeared poster outdoor advertising operator Interbest Outdoor. Advertising is a photo of a pretty full and not the most attractive guys in the world, which every week got rid of his clothes. And in that moment, when the psyche of others threatened to collapse and failure - the hero of the campaign clearly held on to the pants, salvation still come. At the kopilaynom "Phew! Thank you, Radio 2 ".

Razor Gillette

In one of the buildings in the heart of Manhattan's creators have placed a huge billboard cartoon depicting a baseball star Derek Jeter. Every day for three days billboard dorisovyvali simulating an athlete growing stubble, which eventually defiantly "shaved" before the eyes of passers-by.

Spicy Ketchup Heinz

Israeli creators established outside Tel Aviv, the impressive size of the gas tower, wrapped her firewall depicting bottles of sauce and set fire to the torch.

Carbonated drink Chang Soda

Within a month, every Friday and Saturday at 19:00, when the young Thais went to the nightly entertainment, in the light of bright searchlight beams hundreds of white balloons soared into the sky from the bottle on the billboard.

New Zealand Weather Service Metservice «Rain" and "Wind»

Campaign slogan reads "Even the rainy and windy days can be magical if you plan with». On rainy billboard by water spinning wheels of different sizes with the image of the rainbow, and a wind billboard wind drives a shiny multicolored pinwheel.

The operator of outdoor advertising MarlynStroer Out-of-Home Media

The man on the video billboard, installed in the center of Warsaw, was a peeping under her skirt to walk around the shield "Marilyn Monroe" and periodically tried to bully her, simulating a breeze.



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