Advertising creative 2

Which only tricks are not resorted company to draw your attention to your product! Some advertising ideas really amazing ingenuity and impeccable taste. We collected several samples of advertising that, thanks to the successful placement or design masquerades as something more

"Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year"

Pepto-Bismol: advertising medicines used for indigestion

Motor City Nightmares: Advertising Film Festival horror

Advertise sports section

Carnival Cruiselines: Our water park stretches to the Bahamas

Herbal tea Bigelow

Visa: "Return to Pompeii"

To draw people's attention to the sponsorship of Visa in creating the exhibition "Pompeii", a baggage conveyor belt at the airport of Wellington was turned into a "red-hot lava flow".
Advertising beer "Baltika" in the subway

Advertising Dental Clinic

Advertising hairdresser

Advertising wiper Windex

Frontline: "Get rid of them their dog"

The fight against smoking

Advertising salon Juice

Advertising in the Korean subway

"Buckle up. Live long "

"Do not drive drunk"

Nivea: "Goodbye Cellulite"

Advertising prosthetics



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