Photoshop in real life

Let's fantasize on the topic "If Photoshop can be used in real life."
In fact, it would be convenient and easy to live with. Look.

Close a child's mouth would be easier

Delivery of furniture would be a pleasure using the Move tool

The history of events would give an opportunity to correct mistakes made

One click could be removed lover

Or delete unnecessary layer of clothes on the girls

Paint the house a different color could be using the Paint Bucket Tool

By using the Smart object could be free to take a session at the Institute

Import function would be indispensable to obtain the necessary goods

At a meeting with police after nakurke be very useful tool for removing red-eye

And during the departure of the nature would not have to look for a ford in the river with a tool Mini Bridge

Paradise, not life!

Source: habrahabr.ru_


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