Worst Director

Hello! Dear you his boss? (unless, of course, they themselves are not a) Do you think he is a good man or not? If you have a claim to it, do not rush - first read this article where I talk about is really the worst bosses of our time. Of course, this is a drop in the sea, but at least be compared with anything else.

So little prince

Saudi Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, took and just beat his servant to death. A few weeks before that surveillance cameras in the elevator of the hotel Landmark Hotel recorded, as seen in the elevator of her servant, Saud began to beat him. He tried to hide in the corner. Three weeks later the body of the dead man was found in the servants quarters Al Saud. The prince said in his defense that a little overdone. Though who would sit him down, it is a monument to Prince!


60-year-old Murray Gardiner had two coronary bypass surgery, and at a time when recovering from a difficult surgery, he went to see his boss, Julian Proctor, who said that apparently the surgery was not very good, and if his slave will be released on work earlier than normal, he is the chief, he will be responsible for his death. On this Murray replied that it will be enough for the rehabilitation of three weeks, but respected Mr Proctor said he could not wait that long, and fired Gardiner. I think now that there is still a heart operation ...

Demoniac supermodel

This sensational case occurred in New York, where one of the famous models, Naomi Campbell black woman, hit the mobile phone one of his assistants. After that one stamped on the head of a four-seam, and Naomi was summoned to court for a criminal offense. A spokesman for the model said that the assistant was fired before the incident, but the cops did not satisfy this argument - attacked the man, then answer for his action. And rightly so.

Unknown Head


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