American photographer Matt Hoyle (Matt Hoyle) made portraits and recorded the stories of people who came in contact with extraterrestrials.

Pat, Rachel, Nevada, USA

I am a housewife Little A'le'Inn motel in the scenic town of Rachel, Nevada. In one of our first visits to this hotel right through the back door of the house has got a shining ball. He broke two meters into the room and lit up the whole doorway. We are with my late husband felt a presence. We said loudly that it can feel at home, and that we will always be pleased to see him. If you can go through the padded steel door, you can certainly open a beer can or get into one of my refrigerator, so just come in and be located.

David and Shayla, Modesto, California, United States
One day I was repairing the roof and saw the sky bright point. She approached and stopped - a bright point of light. Shayla went out and saw it too. This point povisela three minutes watching us. Saila thought it was a plane that is reduced over our house, but when I looked at it through binoculars, it appears that it is more like a cylinder and quickly flies to us at low altitude. We saw, as something separated from her, and suddenly - again! - It soared straight up over our roof and disappeared.

Robert, New York, USA
Frowning morning in March 1990 I was flying at the controls of his plane from the airport of San Arthur in Poughkeepsie. I approached the Long Island Sound and suddenly noticed two eggs like a UFO that flew across the path of my aircraft - about a hundred meters from his nose and 20 meters below my "Cessna Ckayhouk." Two objects flew so smoothly, without any shaking or vibration, it seemed as if they are connected to each other by some invisible magnetic force. Suddenly, they climbed over the Long Island and disappeared. All this lasted about 20 seconds, for which they have overcome some 8-10 kilometers before dissolve into the mist.

Bill Dundee, Wisconsin, USA
I gave it to my friend Frank. He found him in a cave near Roswell. Frank then simply froze in horror, but still managed to put it in a jar and brought here. Frank said he did not want his discovery confiscated by the government. He also asked not to open a bank, because they do not know what could happen if this creature has been released - suddenly it is alive or something. So since then I have not opened the jar. Frank said he was going to "Area 51" (secret test site in Nevada where testing advanced aircraft, revered as among ufologists as a place where you can often observe UFOs) but I do not know got there it there - we awhile We are talking, and then I lost sight of him. We do not hear about it for more than ten years.

Bill and Bob, San Francisco, California, USA
We saw San Francisco sea snake several times. One morning - right here in the Gulf. This is a long snake-like black creature about 20 meters long. His average of the color changes from black to green moss. When this monster was pulled, he smoothed fins with spines. He craned his neck up and down and, and then formed her folds encircling it like a ribbon. On his head was a square with two huge nose nostrils. We have seen this monster child who once sailed with him. He pulled his head out of the water, tilted her, opened his mouth and began to growl and hiss at us. We were too afraid to come closer.


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