Tips to help at a meeting with aliens

Each year, thousands and thousands of people talk about their contacts with aliens. Some of these stories look like complete nonsense, and others - are plausible. Deny even the hypothetical possibility of contact with other planets would be foolish, so that, once there is a chance to meet the green men in your garden or in the kitchen, their visit would be nice to prepare. After all, if you still have to address the alien visitors on behalf of the world's population, it is important to observe a "diplomatic protocol processing»

10. Do not try to hide your valuables

It is unlikely that aliens who have overcome simply incomprehensible to the human mind the number of light years, will interest your gold trinkets or some papers of value only for you and for very limited territory of a State. And your car is unlikely to be interested. Since they decided to make contact with you is the only value that they are interested in - it's you. And your knowledge or part of the body - there can be as lucky. Bole so that it is unlikely you will be able to stop or to deceive as highly developed race, has the knowledge, much greater than your.

9. Do not attempt to threaten strangers

Believe me, if they want to kill you, you'd do it right away. Moreover, that against those who were able to make interplanetary flight, your gun or excellent jiu-jitsu skills, likely to be powerless. Well, maybe the aliens die from laughter. Fear scary procedures vivisection is not worth it - even on this planet there are already more gentle methods of diagnosis, to say nothing of other planets. In addition, you can steal the most that neither is good and svetlymit intentions. So do not try to threaten and make trouble - you do not want a diplomatic interplanetary scandal?

8. Engage

Try to attract attention kosmitov. Firstly, so you can find out by what agencies they interact with each other and with the outside world. Secondly, because the aliens choose to contact people by "scientific spear", that is to say by chance, try to show them that if you do not are the best representatives of the planet Earth, so obviously one of the most worthy. Because of the aliens we know little, it can be assumed that the surface of the body can be covered with toxic or acid, so do not rush to cuddle with them or grab their hands (if it turns out that they have a hand). Look, listen and learn. This knowledge will definitely not be superfluous.

7. Avoid ambiguity

Many earthly customs, orders and concepts is not obvious to visitors from other worlds. So try to understand what our gestures, nodding and other manifestations of friendliness can be misinterpreted. Try to make smaller movements, because who knows what from our usual gestures may seem like aliens sign of aggression or indecent behavior. Also, try not to be afraid of their movements - who knows, maybe directing you blaster, they are simply trying to make you a compliment.

6. Use the math


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