Contact with aliens - Myth or Reality?

The aliens (as well as unidentified flying objects) excite the imagination of the people for many centuries. The topic of extraterrestrial civilizations - a favorite theme of science fiction writers. But in real life, humanity is faced with aliens often enough. Of course, some of the eyewitness - a fiction, but some - the truth. In our selection confirmation of contact with aliens is a photograph. It's very surprising!

1. A pensioner Martha Egorovna from Petrozavodsk, Russia, claims that two years had been keeping an alien corpse in the refrigerator. The woman turned into a branch of the Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk with the announcement that two years ago at its garden site crashed UFO. I heard a terrible roar, in the yard, the woman ran out of the house and found in the courtyard of the twisted pile of hot metal - the remains of the aircraft - a humanoid body.

2. The length of an unknown creature about 60 centimeters, his huge head, bulging eyes, and seemingly un resembles a cross between man and fish. Martha Egorovna told authorities that he was being on a space suit. The dead body wrapped it in plastic and held out for two years in the refrigerator before even short mention of the incident. Experts suspect that all this can be some colossal hoax and forgery, but do not dismiss the possibility that all of the information provided by the pensioner is true, and we are dealing with the body of the alien.

3. In April 2011, two people were assured that they found the body of an alien creature in the snow in Siberia. They claimed that the body was damaged when the neighboring Irkutsk aircraft crashed extraterrestrial origin. As a result, "alien" was made from bread crumbs, covered with chicken skin.


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