Our ancestors - aliens from other galaxies

It is very common today is the analogy that the earth - is a huge spaceship, life on earth which is subject to law and order of the universe. But the origin and structure of the universe and the universe itself still does not have a steady performance.

Many researchers believe the appearance of Cro-Magnon man on this planet is very strange event. It begs the question - how, when the planet about forty thousand years ago was inhabited by Neanderthals in a cave along with them pretty high living creatures - the progenitors of Cro-Magnons, who were almost perfect skull, almost like modern humans? In addition, the researchers argue that the genetic code of Neanderthals has very little in common with the genetic code of modern man and Cro-Magnon. Thus, in our roots experienced a temporary pit.

Maybe the answers are in fact in the ancient chronicles and legends that speak of the heavenly signs and unidentified flying creatures?
The history books can be found repeated confirmation of the existence of UFOs. For example, a scholar Plutarch described the flying object, like a burning cylinder is huge. These messages appear in later medieval European chronicles. It is interesting that almost all ancient chronicles said about virtually the same phenomena. The visual alphabet of the Sumerians, created in 3300 BC is the word "gods". In addition, the first syllable of the word resembles the drawing of a flying missile. What could it be? Curiously, the Sumerians depicted gods as well as tall people.

In Egypt, in 1945, archaeologists found a papyrus manuscript. One of these manuscripts was fully dedicated to the heavenly body, called the Sumerians Nibiru. In the papyrus said that Nibiru is approaching Earth only once every few thousand years. Also in the manuscript he had information on how in the world for the first time a man appeared. According to the manuscript, the inhabitants of Nibiru 450 thousand years ago, came to Earth on its aircraft. Their purpose was rather prosaic - search for gold and oil, in which the inhabitants of this planet is very needed. They found in southern Africa, huge reserves of gold ore. Aliens for its extraction built deep mines. However, the work was soon stopped - mining workers revolted from overwork on the planet, not adapted to their organisms. The revolt was suppressed, but for it to be repeated more than the leaders of the expedition decided to create a rational creature on earth to work in the mines since he will approach the conditions of this planet. To this end, the alien genes using advanced technologies have been linked with the genes of humanoids, already existing in the world. The result was an intermediate type, which is in the Egyptian manuscripts named Lulu. Lulu proved hardy and clever. This creature, and became the ancestor of Homo sapiens. Modern anthropologists still can not explain his appearance.

It was those same strangers gods that people worshiped at all times. They taught Lulu deal with cattle breeding and agriculture, the use of fire, and it inspired the concept of morality. But the aliens do not take into account one thing - that being that they have created, begin to quickly improve, evolve and conflicts arise between them. The newcomers did not destroy the rational creature, which they themselves have created. They broke off the experiment and left Earth. Ufologist Brion Levens gave a lot of effort to analyze the transfer records of the Sumerians. He believes that the Bible is also found echoes of the incident. In the Bible, the creation of aliens Lulu turned to God's creation of the first man. Joining Lulu knowledge of aliens, and their expulsion from the cities Nibiruans - in expulsion from Paradise of Adam and Eve because they ate an apple from the tree of knowledge.

There are many descriptions of aliens, but eyewitness most frequently mentioned being pale grayish skin, underdeveloped muscles, lean figure, huge eyes, a pear-shaped head and long thin fingers. The paintings of the artist-ufologist Valentina Koroleva aliens appear that way. It has a logical explanation, because to get to the Earth Nibiruans were forced to cross in weightlessness vast expanses of space. Prolonged stay in weightless condition can significantly change the appearance of the person. People trying for a long time in space should look something like the paintings of the famous Spanish artist El Greco - they will lean hands, long fingers, lean long face. Aliens in pictures Valentina Koroleva and people on reproductions of El Greco are remarkably similar. Even greenish tone images coincide. Because of weightlessness occur more significant changes in human physiology - the number of red blood cells is reduced, the excess water is derived from it, and of the bones shows calcium, muscles "lose weight." The extra volume of blood in a state of weightlessness rushes to your head, therefore, the strength of the bone is not completely necessary, minimized muscular effort. But the surprising thing is that the old man come to the same physical changes. Why is this happening? After 60 years of defense reactions of adaptation to the environment in the body weakens. It is gradually returning to its original state, which is caused by life under conditions of weightlessness generations.



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