Movie: Men VS Aliens

Thread post: Cine confront people - strangers. Recall your favorite heroes. At the end of oprosik.

1. Alien (1979).

Of course, one of the most famous films about aliens. These creatures can be a lot. Crawl on the ceilings, spit acid and just killing his powerful and adapted to almost the entire body. Many fought with them, but only came out a winner, Lieutenant Ripley.

Predator 2 (1987).

This conflict has been going on our home planet. High-tech creature with intelligence not inferior to man, leads a manhunt to an already dangerous jungle. This creature, using all sorts of lasers, bayonets from the distant cosmos and other betmenovskih stuff, easily cuts detachment of US Special Forces. You understand what you have to be to deal with it.))

3. The Faculty (1998).

This film tells about the invasion of aliens, who moved into the person acquires control over his body. A very successful tactic, but to confront them teenagers found a way to deal with these monsters with the help of some artisanal drugs, they killed between lessons. Newcomers this thing killed outright.

4. Transformers (2007).

Again, the aliens attack our home planet. Now this is some strange aliens. They live in the form of mechanisms and any electronic stuff, reconstructing it for themselves. And now it is certainly not to pass through, but it turned out that not all of them bloodthirsty. And boy loser and klyunuvshaya his barrow girl, with the support of "friendly aliens" who have successfully spread the American cities in the battles with the creatures of cosmic evil ...

5. Something (1982).

Antarctica. Polar station. A mysterious and monstrous creature appears on the station. No one fully knows how it infects humans, but everyone knows what this means. Monster hitting a living creature (not necessarily human, it all started with the dog), literally begins to tear him, and turn them inside out, turning into a shapeless biomass, finished only to kill. Confront it simple explorers, who, almost single shotgun at all. I do not remember what the outcome, but there is a happy ending to my no.

6. Men in Black (1997).

Truth has long been somewhere nearby. But newcomers have long walk among us and lead everyday life. But not all of them are willing to live by the law. And then they come. A couple of guys from the secret organizations can not only communicate with the heavenly body, but also provide that if the intergalactic criminals ... (there they instead face?).

7. Critters (1986).

These creatures someone may even seem nice. But do not be fooled. For fluffy attractive face concealed deadly teeth and a fluffy fur, paralyzing needle. And yet ... a lot of them. To destroy these creatures had a hand not only space hunters, but also the Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Independence Day (1996).

These aliens were much thoughtful colleagues. They organized this military campaign. In addition to the huge ships, the size of a small town, they have as many as hordes of alien fighters. And to reassure those bastards had simple Air Force pilot, somewhere on his plane, but somewhere and just a fist ... ...

9. War of the Worlds (2005).

Here, too, everything was quickly and brutally. Aliens attacked people in their huge mobile robots. Moving on the planet, they burned about sucking the blood out of living things. One hope was Tom Cruise, but the guy was busy with their own problems. Fortunately, all was resolved by itself. The newcomers did not survive the climate. As the saying goes: "Do not poke your nose into the water without knowing the ford."


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