Space saga

Information on the project SERPO first leaked to the media November 2, 2005. The assurances of the journalists, they shared a retired official who previously held senior positions in the US Department of Defense agency DIA (US Defence Intelligence Agency). SERPO project belongs to one of twenty individuals classified projects supervised by MJ-12 group ("Majestic-12»).

Who wished to remain incognito official said that in 1965 was made the exchange program with the aliens. To visit the planet of aliens selected 12 people. Ten men and two women. Chose the best of the military experts of the Ministry of Defense. Ten years they had to live on a planet of aliens.

Later, the officer joined another anonymous source, and then a third, known under the pseudonym «J» and "TC".

SERPO is a joint program of the US government and humanoids living on the planet Serpo, located in the star system Zeta Reticuli (Zeta Reticuli). The distance from Earth to the Serpo is about 39 light-years. The assurances of anonymous sources, contact with aliens was installed after two of their aircrafts crashed in Roswell (New Mexico, USA) in 1947. Then the Americans managed to save one humanoid. He was given the opportunity to get in touch with their brethren, through the disc-shaped object was found in the communication device.

By making contact with aliens, Americans have prepared a group of twelve people. By agreement of the exchange program, to stay on the planet Serpo earthlings on Earth remained as a diplomatic representative of one of the aliens. All information related to agreed to go to flight, was destroyed. As if they never existed.

Over time something went wrong. Ubyvshie in 1965 on Serpo Americans could not come back in ten years, as planned, but after thirteen. In August 1978. And that's not all. One of them died of lung disease, another was killed in an accident, and two expressed a desire to stay on Serpo forever. Back back seven men and one woman.

Astronauts have returned immediately placed in a closed facility, where they spent about a year under the supervision of physicians and scientists, is undergoing tests and compiling reports on the journey. A year later, they made new documents have paid significant amounts and returned to normal life. Long-lived, none of them did not. By 2002, all the participants of space travel on Serpo were dead. The cause of death could be a dose of radiation received during the flight, as well as on an alien planet.

According to reports, the conditions of life on Serpo for earthlings were severe and unusual. It took years for acclimatization. Due to the fact that the planet has two suns, the background radiation is too high for people on Earth. Himself aliens called Grace race. On Earth, they are commonly referred to as gray. Age alien civilization is about ten thousand years. Flight of the solar system to Zeta Reticuli took about nine months. On Serpo lives 650 thousand aliens.

The fact that a member of the Zeta Reticuli system planet is inhabited by humanoids calling themselves Grace, confirmed the stories of stolen and returned to earth couple Barney and Betty Hill. As well as working in the story "Zone51" engineer Robert Lazar. Moreover, spouses Hill could remember what happened to them, only able to regressive hypnosis. Betty even managed to draw a star chart, which she showed aliens. And Robert Lazar claimed that while working in the "Zone51" he had seen several times as aliens from the planet Serpo, and their aircraft.

According to one of the anonymous sources, the official space programs earthlings - it's just a cover. In fact, based on alien technology, has long established a fleet of eight ships and motherships 43 spaceships defense value. A colony on Mars, founded by Americans together with the Soviet Union in 1964. The source claims that humans have already visited all the planets of the solar system, with the exception of Mercury.

On spaceships fly international crews of the residents of many countries. They all took the oath of world government known as Bilderberg. And everything happens in an atmosphere of deep secrecy. He also said that the long-known environmentally friendly sources of energy. But these technologies do not provide the course for one reason only - it is not profitable oil reserves owning families that are part of the Bilderberg Group, and, consequently, of the World Government.

World government is granted to aliens on Earth territory under numerous underground and underwater bases, a total of 63 units. Close contacts have been established with four alien civilizations. Three of them are configured friendly and hostile one. It envoys hostile civilizations visiting our planet for over three thousand years, abducting earthlings and spending on them barbaric experiments to create a race of hybrids. Their goal - the colonization of the Earth and the use of people as slaves.

Of course, all the above is hard to believe. More it looks like a science fiction and fantasy. And it is unlikely we will be able to know the full truth. And believe or not to believe - a private matter.
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