Work pohmelobusa in Vegas

A doctor from Las Vegas decided to establish operational assistance to those suffering from a hangover. To this end, he launched the streets a special bus called Hangover Heaven («Hangover Shelter»).
On the bus, a group of specially trained nurses puts customers saline drip and a set of vitamins that helps the body to quickly recycle the remnants of alcohol and to bring the products of its metabolism. If necessary, patients are also prescribed analgesic ketorolac, ondansetron on nausea and ranitidine for heartburn and stomach pain. The head of a brigade of the owner of the bus, anesthesiologist Jason Burke.

According to him, Hangover Heaven is a common "medical practice on wheels", similar to a mobile X-ray rooms and blood banks. The cost of one packet of vitamin solution is 90 dollars, two - $ 150. The procedure takes about an hour. For a fee, the bus can drive right up to the hotel customer.
Burke said that his office is not conducive to the spread of alcoholism, because it does not eliminates the hangover at all, but merely helps to quickly deal with it.


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