Alcohol: drinking, intoxication and hangovers.


Whisky produced by distillation, that is by distillation of fermented cereal wort or malt, which in turn is obtained from wheat, rye, barley or maize. The resulting liquid is aged in oak barrels, usually of wine (sherry, port wine, and others.) And sometimes brandy.
Thus, it can be argued that the temples is composed of water and an alcohol, and therefore less load on the liver than the liquor or wine.
Of all the varieties of whiskey can be distinguished:
 - Bourbon - American whiskey, it is typical sweetish spicy taste, expressed the characteristic aroma;
 - Ayrish - Irish whiskey is usually marked quite soft, less creamy taste;
 - Scotch - Scotch whiskey, is characterized as a rule, "smoked" flavor and aroma.

How to drink
As such there is no tradition of drinking whiskey, so you can drink it in different ways, either pure or dilute anything. In addition, there are many cocktails containing whiskey. However, it is recommended to drink this drink gradually, with small talk in the company of gentlemen glasses "Old fashion", pouring whiskey in small portions.

The feeling in the use of whiskey vary widely depending on the type of beverage. In general, the intoxication of the whiskey is characterized by a sense of peace and tranquility. It is also noted ordering thoughts, a complete lack of irritability, nervousness.

Whisky is a distillate, unlike vodka (rectified). Therefore, local experts reckon this noble drink in the same class as the poor quality moonshine. The content of various impurities (fusel oils, esters and ethers) makes itself felt in the morning. General sensation similar to a hangover after drinking a mixture of several different drinks.


Tequila, as well as whiskey, is a distillate, but not made from grain, and from the plant or agave tequilana blue agave. Fortress of the drink varies from 35 to 55% vol. However, the most popular varieties of the fortress in the 38 and 40 degrees.
In addition to water and alcohol is also rich tequila higher alcohols and ethers. Actually it esters tequila owes its unique aroma and taste. Initially, the high content of fusel oils decreased during maturation of tequila in oak barrels, the wood absorbs harmful substances. Therefore, we recommend a pure tequila consumed more sustained and brand categories Silver and Blanco - in cocktails.

How to drink
This drink has a special tradition of use, which prescribes a salt lick your hands, drink tequila and snack lime.
Pure tequila is drunk very easily, it has a pleasant taste. However, the use of pure tequila that does not stop to be the main ingredient of many popular cocktails.

Intoxication of tequila has characteristics that distinguish it from other beverages. It is distinguished by the effect of lightness, vivacity. There may be relaxed, but without the lethargy and weakness. Intoxication occurs gradually, rather soft, enveloping.

Tequila passes rectification because it contains impurities, which give the load on the liver, therefore some hangover feeling will be present. But as a rule, in the use of high-quality tequila hangover goes unnoticed.


Cognac is a type of brandy made from grape spirit. It is known that the French attempts to regulate the production of the drink, issued many laws calling considered a real cognac alcohol, conducted by well-defined from the grapes and exclusively in established districts of France. However, in fairness, it should be noted that it is able to produce a decent drink in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Dagestan.
This, quality drink is produced by double distillation (distillation) and years of aging in oak barrels.

How to drink
To say the least wrong is the use of stacks of brandy, eating a lemon. Lemon has a sharp taste and aftertaste denies the pleasure of a good drink. This method is mainly practiced in the territory of the former USSR. Moreover, the brandy is not cooled before drinking, but rather in the hands warm.
In order to use use a special glass of brandy - snifter (from Eng. Sniff - inhaling). Drink slowly, enjoying the aroma. As a rule, do not snack cognac. To add flavoring scale can smoke a cigar.

Due to aging in barrels, cognac contains tannins, which slow down the process of getting a blood alcohol intoxication occurs so much more slowly and quietly than, say, vodka. In addition, due to the impurities, requiring oxidation to reach a state of intoxication brandy requires approximately a third less than vodka.
Needless intoxication due to the use of grape alcohol and double distillation, softer and more pleasant than the vodka.

Cognac contains a large amount of impurities that stress the liver extra work. For example ethyl acetate cognac contained 3-fold higher than in the tequila, and it is quite toxic substance. Hangover from Cognac can be pretty tough and painful.



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