Explode ... brain!

Alan Sailer specializes in high-speed photography. He loves to blow up all sorts of things, such as fruits, everyday objects, and in general, all that can be found, for example, at a flea market. He did not just explode all this, he is also the photographs. And, at the right time - at the time of the explosion. Alan works in the garage, using a home-made high-speed device with flash, which he did, based on the article in a scientific journal in 1974. The results speak for themselves.

1. Banana. (ALAN SAILER)

2. Sausage. (ALAN SAILER)

3. A piece of felt. (ALAN SAILER)

4. Pencils. (ALAN SAILER)

5. Children's toy - a teapot. (ALAN SAILER)

6. Strawberry. (ALAN SAILER)

7. Chocolate bunny stuffed. (ALAN SAILER)

8. Mushroom. (ALAN SAILER)

9. Energy. (ALAN SAILER)

10. litchi fruits. (ALAN SAILER)

11. Spiral candy. (ALAN SAILER)


13. Christmas toy. (ALAN SAILER)

14. What was it before - is anyone's guess. (ALAN SAILER)

15. Egg. (ALAN SAILER)

16. Purple Ball. (ALAN SAILER)

17. Another Christmas toy. (ALAN SAILER)

18. The toy in her mouth stuffed alligator. (ALAN SAILER)

19. Jelly. (ALAN SAILER)

20. Ice cream. (ALAN SAILER)

21. The two-tone nonsense. (ALAN SAILER)

Source: bigpicture.ru


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