Explode ... brain!

Alan Sailer specializes in high-speed photography. He loves to blow up all sorts of things, such as fruits, everyday objects, and in general, all that can be found, for example, at a flea market. He did not just explode all this, he is also the photographs. And, at the right time - at the time of the explosion. Alan works in the garage, using a home-made high-speed device with flash, which he did, based on the article in a scientific journal in 1974. The results speak for themselves.

1. Banana. (ALAN SAILER)

2. Sausage. (ALAN SAILER)

3. A piece of felt. (ALAN SAILER)

4. Pencils. (ALAN SAILER)

5. Children's toy - a teapot. (ALAN SAILER)

6. Strawberry. (ALAN SAILER)


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