Our experiment or police - protects us

Everyone knows what trash is happening in our capital for the fourth day in a row.
People take for any opposition symbolism.
One guy decided to conduct an experiment, May 9, he walked through the capital with an AK-74.
I walked from the Lubyanka to Pushkin Square by Gos.Dumy past Manezhki, on Tverskaya Street, near City Hall, in Pushkinskaya. And no police stopped him !!! No!
Lord policemen just looked at him, but then he looked to the side. So I want to ask, but what does our police really? Causing loss of students and beats women? Or protect public order?
As a result, the work of the police - solid and oily one. Not even two. We do not deserve it. A unit of the detention of people walking there with white ribbons, suddenly blow up the Kremlin.

But pictures: about paddy wagon near the Newspaper lane

even ate McDuck. 0 reactions in all

We walk along Tverskaya

Pasha indignant why the police do not have reaction to his machine.

Near City Hall


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