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Only recently have we learned in class tenth
And the clock was checked by school bells
Now get used to it, guys, for landing,
And now, get used to guys to landing,
Windswept troops.

Three of my closest friends served in special units. I did not work with health (-6 nearsightedness, asthma, heart and other parents and acquired by the nonsense), and I certainly have not taken.
But the work of photojournalist sometimes helps. Tomorrow you fly to the teachings of the special forces - says editor Vadim GeoPhoto photo agency. We have to do a couple of hundred reportage cards and 15-20 exhibition of masterpieces.

35 photos

This is where the story begins, and the biggest problem. In the eyes of most thinking people Spetsnaz - a team of ruthless Rambo ready to "work" without any pity in her eyes. Some killing machines. But this is not so. And I deeply civilians worthless to talk about the specifics of the service. Therefore, only the photos are small and captions to pictures. Therefore, I am sorry that omit the details - who participated to some ministries and departments who belong, although this is of course very important. We, civil probably need to understand - can protect us, those whom we consider an elite army and interior troops.

In front of a solid 5 days dvizhuhi. Obstacle course, mountain training, hostage rescue, landing and march 30 kilometers, forcing the river at night, day camp device, and the search base razvedvyhod militants cross 5 km in full gear in 12 minutes, shooting sparring. After the most difficult stages of psychological testing, problem solving sober logic. And all this for 28 platoons of special forces from all over Russia.

In a large forest clearing teams await the arrival of the boards.


Mi begin their eighth roundabout, turn off the engine does not take on board the reconnaissance. The wind is so strong that my trunk with the apparatus claimed by several tens of meters. Optics and batteries scattered over the airstrip.

The second detachment takes place. Reporter goes first - gestures says the commander of the group. I raise the camera for a shot and then hard "taboo" - withdraw only after casting. I remember the tragedy of 89 boards in Khankala and lowered the camera.

Dropping ... Again, not Glusha screws a few seconds squad took a defensive perimeter. Now the main thing - time to jump into the water meter. We rise, and the scouts had already disappeared in the forest. Ahead of them, thirty-kilometer night march, to get in touch at the control points and crossing water obstacles. Go into the settlements to move on roads and trails, to be discovered by the local population is strictly forbidden.
What to bring, in addition to the regular basic equipment and armaments group commander decides. Some leave the entire stock of food and make it easier on yourself. Others carry a heavy rubber boat for the crossing. The most desperate even found a secret bridge that is not on the map, and crossed the river dry-shod.

The third hour I merznu at the crossing. Find him, go here whether or apply some sort of syllogism. Freezing temperatures, around the solid darkness and fog from the river. Stars and chattering teeth. Suddenly, the lights from the headlamps lanterns on the other side and naked warriors with a muffled obscenities are moving to the other side. The commander says - the main thing is not to stand, move ... couple of minutes and they disappear in the darkness ... On the banks remain wet underpants and socks, which in theory should not be.

a few hours of sleep is enough for the rest. Again, the reference point, which should leave the group.


commander of the group receives an order but somewhat disagree and trying to understand the intricacies of the task. Colonels adamant.

Group takes to perform the task.

When you look at an American soldier in the newsreels, inadvertently see a huge number of obscure technical stuff on it. Perhaps something like this and we have. I even saw the corner of my eye strange instruments with complex abriviaturoy in the title, which can detect many kilometers militant vehicle, zapelengovat radio. But the main means of monitoring is field glasses, to guide - a compass topography of school lessons for Grade 4, and ordinary Chinese lanterns for 100 rubles from the market. Something tells me that the guys are buying them for themselves, as well as gloves for mechanics. Occasionally referred GPSki conversations. I can not judge what is best and reliable in the field.

Deciduous forest. Under the cover of dark, damp. The place for the device dnevki (or otherwise zabazirovanie). 1 hour it is necessary to install a canopy, equipped with two machine-gun point, dig a foxhole, organize heating point, latrine, surround the camp of stretch marks and other special means.

With the fire easier. But I feel that in real life there is no such tourism. Axe quite blunt, I do not want to cut the tree. Sapper shovel is not very good substitute for the ax.
If you see a fallen tree in the forest with leaves, turn to the wrong side to the sun, make sure you go up to him. Watch - what is hidden here.

The crude half-decayed aspen deadwood is to strengthen the machine-gun nest.

I clearly see that the mesh. That tore a banner to the training grenade. Two channel TV man with a military commander wish to take an interview ... And soldiers have to dig.

The result of all this ugliness in our face natural. It came two steep inspection began.
Incorrect protected by machine-gun. Too shallow trench inconvenient for shooting. Punk not keep bullets but will interfere. No special equipment worked. The following is some introduction of a wounded. Somewhere zapropostilsya sanitary package. Medic runs to the wounded man in full growth ...
Your group is destroyed, the task fails, your people were killed - coins words the senior commander of the scouts. For some reason I feel ashamed.

Problem exploration in theory only to find the enemy's camp. Do not harass, not to destroy, but to transfer coordinates and secretly leave. But opponents are on the alert. Here are a couple of kilometers heard a mad machine gun firing. Another group ran into an ambush.

Information about this goes on the air.



Early morning. The camp is asleep. But the service goes.

The teams returned from the search base militants almost immediately get on the five-kilometer cross in full armor.




Tight group came platoon recognized then the best results for all tests.

An hour training fights.




The fight lasts no more than 30 seconds. No waving legs and picturesquely karatistskih poses. If within 30 seconds there is no clear winner the fighting stops. The shortest battle lasted 2 seconds.

Otgremeli breaks identified best, arrived Minister Nurgaliev and all who should be awarded.
It seemed to me that these guys will be able to perform any task that's just a little better equipment, more modern radio and easier.



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