How does the service "02".

"When we receive a call:
 - Hello, this is the police?
 - Yes, I am listening to you, what happened?
 - I have pursued on the Leningrad highway car with a man who had just threatened me with a traumatic gun! »

Today bloggers invited to see how the one of the largest departments of the police department of Moscow Duty - Service "02". It is located in one of the buildings at Petrovka 38.

Writes: Ternovski source: photo_discovery (LJ)

2. If you have ever in my life called a "02" - then your call is accepted in this room.

3.Odnovremenno here can work 40 employees receiving calls from citizens. It seemed to me that such a huge city like Moscow - this is not enough. But statistics say otherwise. For operators reserved 120 telephone lines, the waiting time is limited technically up to 5 minutes.

During the operation of the entire center of the next individual employee. On her monitor displays all the statistics: Information about classes and free lines, the number of people waiting to be answered and a lot of other information.

4.Glavnaya task service "02" - fix the message of the citizen, the right to determine what species of the incident and to what concerns the territorial department of the call, enter all the information into the computer using a special program.

For almost 30 years of existence (the service was organized in 1971) developed a classification of the 120 different kinds of accidents.

Press the "save" the operator on the special channel sends all the data to the territorial police department, who immediately enter the job.

Then the operator can see the result of the police, was a challenge to find out false or true. Although it is not part of their direct responsibility.

5. In the middle of the day comes from 15 to 20 thousand calls. All calls are recorded and stored for 1 month. For very serious incidents shelf life can be extended to a year. Usually about 100 messages - complaints against police officers.

11am. With zero hour has already received 3578 signals. By the way, in the service of "02" is only one employee, speaking in English. And it seems like no longer necessary, because, according to representatives of the divisions - in a few years there were only a few calls from foreigners who do not speak in Russian!

Hmm, apparently, they are somewhere else call

6.Seychas in the metropolitan service of "02" is 258 employees and everything - women. 51 employee is on maternity leave.

It is said that in the 70s, the then Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR Nikolai Anisimovich liquor seeing a telephone call center two-meter handsome man holding two fingers up, ordered to send him to work on the street! Since there are only ladies.

A liquor by the way, has committed suicide in December 1983 after allegations of corruption.

7. Work with the girls - not to be envied. Schedule - day through three one shift - 24 hours! During the working day is necessary 3 hours sleep and three breaks of 45 minutes per meal.

They sleep here in a specially equipped room, where there are 9 beds.

8. The salary of the operator is about 24 thousand rubles.
Due to the system on which you can establish the identity of the caller, the number of anonymous, false messages greatly reduced. If in 2003 there were about 3900, then this year until 512.

9. Ask how they "sit on the phone" 24 hours, and even communication is not at the best clip art. They say it's hard, especially psychologically, even though they conducted special training. But, this is the order of work and the disposal of the Ministry of Interior. The youngest staff member - 27 years, and most adult works here since 1974.

10. When we receive a call:
 - Hello, this is the police?
 - Yes, I am listening to you, what happened?
 - I have pursued on the Leningrad highway car with a man who had just threatened me with a traumatic gun!

11. Calls are different. Special "hell" begins immediately after midnight. On this day comes to 25 000 calls, including greetings

One day a man called and introduced himself Santa Claus.
 - I did not sell alcohol in the store, and I did mine!
Caller detained.

There are terrible cases. Up:
 - I'm tired of my child and his eternally dirty diapers! So I wash it in the washing machine!
Alas, on the way to the hospital from his injuries the child died.

Next to the central hall has a recreation room, where girls can take a break from the difficult work. Although, in my opinion, could draw it better.


13. Next door there is another room, being moved here reference calls. During the day, receives about 2,000 such requests, and take them only 2 employees. Here's the waiting time and can unpleasantly surprise.

Immediately 6 employees take calls about the accident without victims. Usually there are about 3000, but in the "day zhestyanschika" when deteriorating weather conditions may be up to 4 800.

And another three people engaged in telephone messages.

Saying goodbye to the girls, we went to the radio room outfits, which respond to the message citizens. In the first room sat a single employee. He said that he is engaged in the interaction with the internal troops, if the situation requires. (By the way, in all areas worth semidarkness, so shoot is not very convenient).

14. The main hall, which is the duty of the city, controlling the operational situation in the capital.

15. On the video monitor of all the city's police department, including the subway. If desired, the screen can display an image with any of the 89,000 surveillance cameras outside the city. Although the "total surveillance" carried out not from here, but from another room - a situation center. Alas, we were not allowed, because there was some sort of meeting.


17. The first row very quickly filled by people in uniform, if the capital is undergoing major emergency - a terrorist attack, etc. This creates a headquarters, although they can arrange it in other places. On the second row of the staff that monitor the operation of ATC. Can share the directions - MOORE, demolition, etc.

18. At the top sits the authorities and the duty of the city.

19. An employee clicks on "works" and keeps track of how police work is:
 - "Stolen laptop worth 40 000»
 - "There was a break-in safe, out of which 128,000 rubles stolen»



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