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Recently reviewed film about "what we could be" - "Space Odyssey 2010" (2010: The Year We Make Contact). Remember, there is a Soviet ship "Leon" is flying to Jupiter to learn what happened to the American «Discovery»? And it flew three Americans because the US did not have time to build another ship. The film was shot in 1984, and yes, even then it did not seem a parody - Americans really believe that if there is another country that can compete with them in the distant cosmos in 25 years, it will be only the USSR. Serious differences with the current moment, is not it?

Anyway. Of course, as usual, when American films featured Russian, not without jokes. A small collection is below.

Soviet crews

Commander "Leonov" - Tanya Kirbuk (Orlov)

The only one of the crew is a cosmic overalls shirt with the indispensable commissar big star on the sleeve and red tabs, which hangs on a lonely little star without gaps. I hope that Tanya yet, Major-General, not the youngest lieutenant. Although these curly major-generals I have not seen.

In the middle frame, you can see a rare picture - the commander of Russian spacecraft uses from a jar ... but not guessed! Never vodka! Whiskey from Kentucky. Progress @ bl ... All the same in 2010.

Other Russian cosmonauts. So, comrades, we had to look today, notions of Americans 25 years ago:



I suspect that even the bushy-cranberry, American costume did not dare to dress up these Russian cosmonauts in the fur cap with a padded jacket, to give them into the hands of the balalaika and send to feed the bears ...

Yes, and where the same without our star of the Soviet ... Astronautical. While on-site crew poosteregsya I would give him control of life-support systems:

But all the boys. And here is the girl. Angelina Jolie was nine years old, and gubastenkie (not nasilikonennye, I suppose) were honored. At least, in the image of Russian Americans. Sultry Russian astronaut. Right after she overload (not after what you're thinking, pranksters ...)


Here it is, the brainchild of a mad genius of the Soviet gulag ... Somehow accidentally American designers have managed to convey the gloomy spirit of totalitarianism - the picture and conjures up thoughts of the Empire cruiser, though like not really something and it appears.

Pay attention to the inscription. Like all true? Now look at the reverse side:

Tydynts! That's how Russian made inscriptions provided. Well, it turned stencil on spaceship ... and anything can happen after lots of vodka.

And there is a clear picture of the ship, with a good sign without errors. All honor to honor: star, Leonov, USSR.

Pay attention to the cable, which hangs astronaut. That he moved from ship to ship, but not himself, and with the help of automatic pribludy. Here it is close planom.Esli who can not see, it says:



Given the fact that it is intended to move in space, "urdavyuch" - this is probably a cross between ptyuchskoy noose and Urga. What's noose - everyone knows, what is Urga - see the same film Mikhalkov (yes, yes, I advertise it!).

Incidentally, OKSY the equipment are quite common. For example, here, right at the top:

Along with the buttons "OTD", "Ceska", "GOVERNMENTAL", "FOR" ... and even "IIC". And just like that, the button "wives" in the middle. You understand why - is still deep space, and the women - yes gubastenkaya commander ... And what is the key "YHA" (bottom left), and I'm afraid to assume.

But I know exactly what is needed button "ENGLISH". And this is slightly lower, as long as pay attention to the buttons on the left at the top. Two groups of eight buttons. Now who dares to say that kopipasta - a recent invention? Also raise some doubt on the two buttons "J" of different colors. I predpolagagayu that this urgent call yozhygov and yakrivedok ... in duplicate.

And now will read a row all that is written on the keyboard with a sand a watch: EL-TP-EC (D-S) OH-DE-ON-RR-UD ... What is it like? That's it. Shalturili gentlemen designers and consultants. While the button "Y" delivers, yes.

So - why need a button "ENGLISH"? I then did some investigation and found the same. Please:

Quite simply, this is the seventh ENGLISH compartment. It is clear already?

But these mysterious black buttons just invite them to dial the word "Eternity»:

Other keyboard for a set of Eternity:


And zamylit eyes hardly bother so delicious buttons as "NN", "s", "HER" and the same consultants dearly beloved "IIC».

And on this small screen in the command cabin we can live to witness the daily routine of the crew:



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