Yatsuhasi - Japanese sweets

Writes blogger living in Kyoto Natalia Sobolevskaya. She continues her stories about Japan. This time it will be about the traditional Japanese sweets.

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1. When I was first time in Japan, and we were treated to the temple green tea and traditional sweets, from the first time I, frankly, did not appreciate the taste. Eventually I had to try different kinds of sweets and a lot of them the first time I did not like, and then I somehow suddenly discovered that all began to eat it with pleasure. Apparently it's a matter of habit

2. But there is one kind of candy that I liked from the first time. This is a very well-known sweets from Kyoto. And I'm sure I'm taking them out of each trip.

3. And I'm taking them out is not just me. According to statistics for these "triangles" account for almost 50% of all sales of traditional sweets in Kyoto. They are bought and the Japanese themselves, who travel around the country. It is not accepted to go somewhere on vacation or on a business trip and then bring a souvenir home, colleagues, friends or relatives. And edible "souvenirs" definitely in vogue. This can be explained by the fact that the Japanese have a heightened interest in any of the local food. Indeed cuisine differs greatly from region to region. And by eating more sense than from figurines and magnets. Foreigners, too, are willing to buy yatsuhasi. They have a fairly neutral taste, even for those of Asian sweets in any form does not perceive.

4. Initially yatsuhasi made from rice flour, sugar and cinnamon. Dough have a soft, slightly stretches and resembles the consistency of mochi. Traditional types yatsuhasi usually do with black sesame, sweet beans or green tea. Sesame - my favorite.

5. In Kyoto we went into a shop, Togra these sweets. Do not go it was difficult. One girl stood at the entrance and offered to try pieces triangles. Standard like wine. In many stores the same. But she immediately invites deeper into the store and said that there is still poured green tea. Well abandon green tea?

6. In the end we went to the store and saw that they have a huge number of triangles with fruit fillings: apple, peach, banana with chocolate, blueberries, mango, etc. If someone can not eat traditional beans or green tea, it is an excellent compromise. Although, in all honesty, I can not say that this is just a chemical flavorings. Not very authentic.

7. Throughout the store are boxes with pieces of all tastes. As a result, we had lunch there almost until tried all tastes and decide what to buy this home. And I was pleased to be able to try everything, because those tastes, which I laid eyes initially, I end up not very much. Home went mango, blueberries, and there is something else :)

8. Japanese gifts usually take beautifully packaged box. And then we found little in the sale package. They are obtained even cheaper. And you can buy a house and, if packaging is not important.



11. Baked sticks of dough for yatsuhasi. These here with black sesame seeds. But I'm not a big fan of these rods and prefer raw dough.

12. Here we see that the store itself is spacious enough. In many other ass nowhere to turn. So the people there a long time and do not stay :)

13. The strips of raw dough for those who do not want any filling.


15. Yatsuhasi do different manufacturers. They can be bought in many shops in Kyoto, as well as stalls at railway stations and airports around the Kansai. It is perfect for those who put off buying souvenirs at the last moment. I previously always bought triangles another manufacturer, but then it was difficult to pass by this shop with their immodest service. Visitors have the crowd, and in the neighboring shops selling exactly the same triangles, almost no one.

16. Immediately sold powdered green tea with sugar. I already wrote how we were treated like last trip to Kyoto. During this time, my opinion has not changed - green tea with sugar is a perversion :)

17. There have also been other sweets with green tea, but after tasting the 10 kinds of triangles no longer wanted nothing :)



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