The Japanese diet without salt. Reviews tried

Minus 8 pounds in 14 days is a reality.

The Japanese diet involves the use of natural products and a complete rejection of salt. To log in, you must gradually and in the same way to get out of it.

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It is impossible to say exactly when and by whom was invented by the Japanese diet. Some sources claim that it was developed by Japanese nutritionists in the other – that became the pioneers of Japanese girls who were looking for a way to become skinnier and prettier. But anyway, this power system allows you to reset 2 weeks up to 8 kg of excess weight provided that full refusal of salt.

It is necessary to warn those who to diet fond of fast food, convenience foods, fried, spicy and oily food: this category of citizens will have to surrender not only of salt. Japanese salt-free diet involves the use of only natural products – chicken, beef, lean pork and fish. Food should be steamed or baked, salads and season only with lemon juice and olive oil.

The entrance to the diet needs to be smooth, exactly as a way out of it. That is within 3-4 days it is recommended to gradually reduce the amount of salt and high-calorie foods. And after 14 days do not go for the usual food and consume it moderately, giving preference to the dishes, rich in protein, and vegetables.

Sweets it is recommended to replace fruit and dairy products, particularly cheese.

Menu salt-free dialysate Cup of coffee without sugar and one loaf.

LUNCH Vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, etc.).

DINNER, Boiled meat or baked fish, 1-2 savory apples or other fruit.

If you want to make the most nutritious part of the menu lunch, then 12:00-13:00 hours, prepare meat or fish and for dinner, eat salad and fruit.

Allowed to drink green tea and eat two boiled eggs a week. The total daily volume of fluid intake should be 1.5–2 liters.

The Japanese diet excludes the consumption of sugar, flour products and alcohol. A diet guarantees fast results, and this is no exception. However, if after 2 weeks, return to the previous diet, the lost weight will once again be on the hips, flanks, abdomen and arms, and this is confirmed by reviews online. Many respondents were not able to withstand 14 days of such a rigid system of power and returned to his former diet or started to bring the menu something. In such a situation to expect a Grand effect is not necessary.

But even in this case people lose weight and continued to drop weight, leaning on cereals – rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, abandoning sausage, salenew and all the products for cooking which uses a lot of salt.

To lose weight on such a diet can be no more than two times a year. It is impossible to practice salt-free diet people with weak health and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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