Repair Monitor SAMSUNG SM 940n overnight

Whether this was a full moon day, whether I did something bad in this life, or maybe just because the stars were formed ... But coming home October 1st 2011., With 3 liters of beer in hand, I found that my monitor is not working. Since nouta I do not, I decided that an urgent need to fix it, why would it not worth it to me.
ZY Pike previously little studied, and even all the necessary ingredients were at hand.

Filming began after Monica disassembly and soldering certain parts.
Gallery will be 16 + a bit of text. The end of the show the word "end."


The photo has exploded with the removed inverter harmonics.


Stand as BE smiles and says that everything will be fine - is a little reassuring


So, disassembled and examined closely monitor the inverter, I found three swollen capacitor, as well as prozvoniv multimeter fuses, one was found not working fuse.
Fortunately I was home supplies various electronic components purchased earlier in the radio market in the MSC. Conder, I was able to replace the fuse, unfortunately, not found, so vypayal it with the old board, found far into the wilds on the balcony.

Inverter - IP-35135B
1, 2, 3 - Capacitors. Relatives were 820uF 25V - to replace two similar and one set to 1000uF 25V.
4 - fuse 3A, in the words of the old board vypayal similar.

Picture taken after the replacement.


My multimeter device ... and that I prozvanivatsya fuses is also present in the picture


Inverter on the reverse side. Traces are not professional solder, and a soldering iron I found a not very subtle sting.


Next, a little reflection, came to the conclusion that all of the above is the consequence rather than the cause of failure, hence I realized that it is worth paying attention to the transistors that control the operation of all proper fees. By connecting a computer to the TV set still and rummaged in the internet, read that all the fault of two field-effect transistors 4502S ... as I read that there are analogues - the most common is the IRF 7389 ... find yourself at home IRF 7319 I found in the internet, they can also replace native. Then there was the process of removing old Polevikov.
Photo after removal.




A little about the tools and other pribludy I used
Syringe rather only the needle was designed for making holes and removing old solder after being vypayat Conder and fuse. Very convenient way.




The workspace had to be placed on the ironing board, for better and more convenient to do it was not possible to adjust ... And fell just in front of zomboyaschika, soldered and watched clips of different ...))


I would like to talk about this subject in more detail. This wonderful tool I got from my ex-girlfriend, which when moving forgot your manicure set. So, when I desoldering transistors I had a big problem - how to move itself during heating Polevik his legs, and this wonderful device I rescued
ZY It seems it is designed for any cuticles that grow on nails and ... and I hear that women only)))


Cat - Multimeter) He seems to be watching over the production work ... supervisor hli


Next, I ubedilso that today stars in general radically against me ... When I soldered the new transistors and drinking for about 2 liters of beer .... I'm assembled and connected to the network .......


I was very angry. At that moment, by the way, I do not know why, but I had thought that I sfotkat fotik fotkal But she somehow very quickly evaporate))
Then it was all a blur, I began to carefully consider all the boards and bags of radio parts in search of transistors IRF 7389 and still I found them in one piece of a broken motherboard. I do not remember - who and why this piece broke off, but there were just three such Polevikov! To celebrate in anticipation of possible defeat this unfortunate night that has already lured night on his side I soldered these transistors, it quickly assembled and connected again. And that's what came out of it




P.S. The last three pictures I did today, because after all collected and making sure that works, I lay down to sleep. After the morning dumped on vacation. Returned yesterday, Monique testil almost a day like all the rules, there is no extraneous sounds.
thanks to all. It was "The End»


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