Rescue stray dogs

During a walk in Bali, Indonesia, unhappy young couple noticed a homeless animal, which was already dying. Her heart could not stand, and she offered to take the dog to her husband to his home and to try to cure. See more on how they managed to "get out" of the patient dog, and how it looks now after complete recovery.

The animal, which they found was a bald, skin crusting, and he did not have the strength

A local resident helped Shane and her husband put their dog or a moped, then they drove 45 minutes to the nearest shelter.
They wanted to save the dog

Every day, they visited her, to let her know that she is loved and that its forces were growing stronger.
And each time visiting a dog, a couple more tied to Ruby,
and when they were leaving, Ruby howled with grief

Despite the fact that the couple live at home four previously saved them, the dog and the cat, they took shelter from Ruby

Now Ruby is the happiest dog and her life in safety




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