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April 2009. I sit in an office close to the one ministry of social organization. Its affiliated advertising agency involved in two tenders for the same agency seriously and is going to win both. At some point, an official of the Ministry determines that the "double win" - is too risky, and it is necessary to combine the two into a single tender. In this they have one day.

The agency is also virtual. There is not one person who could during the day to bring two sets of tender documents into one. And even more than that, who could fulfill myself in a row. Laying forced to find a real working hands and turned to me. I agree to help in exchange for an oral agreement that will become a sub-contractor. Half an hour later I come to the office on Prospekt Mira and two pass ready document. I was asked to send it to an inconspicuous box on free mail servers.

The total cost of the project exceeds the market prices of about 12-15 times. I ask 15%, relying on an award for "complicity". I suggest 6-7%. After two days of intense negotiations, I refuse to participate in it. Greed does not allow me to put up with the arithmetic, in which the one who is able to work, will receive 7%, and who can not - 93%.

A year later, I read in a blog Navalny that most performers IT-projects, performing subcontracts for the winners of state contracts, doing the work of 3-8% the purchase price. It turns out that I appreciated at the upper end.

In a few months, I rings familiar journalist who is investigating the activities Rosnano and delves into online procurement company. "Tell me, please," the sales of nano research in Novosibirsk and Belgorod regions "can cost $ 330,000?" He turned to me as an expert. A few months before I retired from a major international research company.

Before leaving, I participated in a large-scale study of all Russian software market. To learn how to work with the final "deliverablom" - database, I had to go for training in Prague. When I finished the first request, dual Vaio with four gigabytes of RAM I thought for 20 minutes. The database contains data on sales of software vendors in the Russian market, starting with the giants like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle and ending income to support the free Linux Company Mandriva, which has recently acquired the former Minister Reiman. With detailed breakdown by product, region and market segment. 1 600 000 rows.

The project lasted for several months and cost $ 600 000. Above it employs 20 skilled analysts in several countries, and not enough qualified flew to study in Prague and lived there in five-star hotels.

In the Belgorod region is no market for nanotechnology products. In Belgorod there is no five-star hotels. On the market there nanotechnology dozen manufacturers that sell products to billions of dollars. The two studies differed fundamentally. Everyone except the cost.

The purchasing power of our state rolls. To understand this, do not read mail Christina Patupchyk. It is not necessary to read and the business press, which wrote that the cost of a kilometer of the Russian gas pipeline Nordstream is five times more expensive than the German. And the contractor belongs to a former sparring partner of Vladimir Putin Arkady Rotenberg. The system has grown so much that sooner or later each of us is faced with her personally.

Almost every day in the program "Time" Vladimir Putin generates random numbers, matching them with millions and billions and talking to whom and to which he will provide them. I wonder something else: if someone is spending a lot of money, where it takes them?

Propaganda Channel One assures us that the good state collects rent from fattening oil and gas companies and gives the money to teachers, doctors, military, law enforcement officers and other state employees. Parallel lured economists boast that we have a flat rate, and at the same time one of the world's lowest income tax rates - only 13%.

But once you got paid, 35% of your real income takes the state. You find that in addition to income tax there is still mandatory contributions to the various funds. Formally, their employer pays. In fact - the employee.

Taking salary, you go to the store and buy a product that is subject to 18% tax on the value added. VAT is almost completely transferred to the buyer. Incidentally, in the United States have VAT. There is sales tax, which is often confused with the VAT, and from state to state it varies from 1% to 10%.

Yes, VAT offset. Many companies are coming up with complicated schemes as to minimize it. Others do not come up and enjoy the way to simpler, known as "obnal." More importantly, VAT has an indirect negative impact on the entire economy. Firstly, in the form of hundreds of thousands of women in the accounting companies and tax authorities, who tolerate each other aimlessly brains calculating who, whom and how much to pay. Secondly, as a burden on millions of businesses, each of which optionally can make a claim that he is underpaid VAT. It is not necessary to dwell separately on the fact that honest businesses have to constantly check their counterparts, do not "phony" they.

In Moscow, the cost Toyota Rav4 in complete "Prestige" (2, 4 liter, 4WD, automatic transmission) will be $ 50 000. In the United States the cost of the same vehicle shall not exceed $ 25 000. It is not only and not so much greed dealers as customs duties. You have correctly understood: the state continues to take away your money. Buying a car in half to two times more expensive, you pay another tax.

If you do not have the discipline and you can not save your semi-annual income, you have to take the credit. In Russia, a huge killer refinancing rate. In most developed countries, it is close to zero. We - 8%. Another way to remove a portion of your income to the state.

Add to this the customs duties on imports that make clothing, household appliances and electronics are at 1, 5-2 times more expensive than in Europe and the United States.

You have to give the state nearly half of revenue, and we have not even moved on to the most important thing - the real estate and the "corruption tax". By the way, precisely because the latter have virtually no alternative in the form of domestic products, because that is the easiest to manufacture this tax levy.

Research company EVANS included Russia among the five world leaders on the unavailability of housing. To buy an average residential property in Russia will need 26 of average annual income. In the USA - 2, 7 Masochists can compare the quality of the objects, but I prefer to leave it outside the brackets of the equation.

If you want to buy an apartment, for example, in Moscow, you have to pay at least $ 200 000. And it will be something terrible, old, two-room, though within the Ring Road. For something more decent enough and you do not have $ 500 000. For $ 400 000 you can buy a five bedroom house (five bedroom - this is our minimum six-room) in Cyprus, Ayia Napa. On the shores of the Mediterranean. This house is attached in the form of non-infrastructure of roads, as well as clean air, fresh food and the crime statistics, which consists almost entirely of an accident.

In Russia, from one region to the value of real estate is falling, but the income level falls even faster. In my life I went from being a small town through St. Petersburg to Moscow, but to think about buying an apartment, started only in the capital. However, I dismiss the acquisition of real estate in Moscow as extremely inefficient. Mortgage beneficial if the cost of buying a property and rent it at current prices for the same 20 years. To buy an apartment that can be rented for $ 2,000 a month, you will have to pay $ 40,000 entry fee and pay $ 6,000 each month for 20 years. For the money you can withdraw the apartment 60 years.

A person familiar with the basic laws of economics, can guess that housing is not available because it is not enough. Housing Fund - a private shame of our country. According to various sources, one person in Russia is 19 to 22 square meters. meters of housing. In the UK - 55-65. In Germany - 45-50, in the US - 75-80. Let's look at how the average extended family lives on the example of the "national leader." If Vladimir Putin with his wife and his two adult daughters and their husbands were ordinary residents of Russia, each couple would live in a modest "odnushke" area of ​​40 square meters. m. Such living conditions threatened to procreation popular favorite because not every family will dare to have a child in such housing. There is another option: all three couples living in a large apartment of 120 square meters. m with high ceilings, in the city center. Every day, six adults quarrel over bathrooms. If it is the same family lived in the United States, each pair would be a modest house or apartment of 150 square meters. m, in Germany - the apartment of 90 square meters. m. Statistics indicate that Vladimir Putin's daughters a better life, if not in the US, at least in Germany.

Even in South-East Asia on one person accounts for 21 square meters. meters of housing. It is the most densely populated region of the Earth, which has countries like Bangladesh. A tiny piece of land in the delta of the Ganges, which is home to 160 million people - more than the entire population of Russia.

My friend, the developer said that the construction cost of some classes of housing in Moscow did not exceed $ 1000-1200 per square meter. m. The rest - formal or informal payments "city." It seems to me that to buy property in Moscow can only officer (or manager of state-owned corporation), which has acquired something from the budget for 80% more expensive than the market. Only he did not mind paying the extra 80% laid down in the price of the object. It's a kind of mutual aid organization officials. "Club 80%." Cluster Countries, within which, according to my personal assessment is rotated 80% of the money in our country.

Most importantly, the money useless. They are good to buy a "Rolex", "Birkin" or "Bentley", but using them is absolutely impossible to improve education, to develop the technology, anything at all to create. Traditional tactics of "pouring money" problem area does not work, because in the end should be the way billions of people who can do the job. Hands. At least two merge into one TK.

But with people like the members of the "Club 80%" do not know how to work. They they seem to be too independent, they have little bow, argue, have little understanding of the command "sit". The system organically rejects a man capable of creating a product. He either goes or he goes to allocate budgets, because it is profitable or not agree to 7%. One of the amazing properties of the so-called "elite" - the reluctance to pay more, even when it is very necessary to do something. "I'll pay him good money, this lohozavr go and buy the same tchotchke like mine. How am I going to show him his superiority? »

"Club 80%" not bad that using formal or informal methods of using the state apparatus robs citizens of most of the revenue. There are many countries where the citizens are given in the form of taxes earned half, but in return get good roads, clean water from the tap, hospitals, schools and police work. And the court, in which you can win the state.

We are over the 80% poked in the face AMRami with flashing lights. The hospital said that a lot of us, and she was alone. And it is true in fact one, and almost nothing is earned.

All of the above costs, we will pay one way or another state body, the receipt of which is always fraught with rudeness and humiliation, inconveniences and huge monstrous waste of time. Any project for improving government services leads to the fact that the Internet write "b ** qb!" And attached a screenshot of another site. Crooked, oblique, but very expensive.

"80% Club" country does not need people to think and do. That very "strong country", about which we broadcast on TV. And now, says Vladimir Putin from the pages of the liberal newspapers. Because I think people can at least use the calculator. A basic calculations for two hours, turn them into a radical opposition and irreconcilable opponents of Putin and United Russia.




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