Does Russia need rebranding?

Are there many modern Russian brands that are known all over the world? Cheburashka, dolls and bears have become common place. Ballet and space is no surprise. This video is dedicated to a relatively new brand - "Rostec." So called conglomerate, which is in contact with many areas of our lives. It produces cars Lada, Kalashnikovs, LED traffic lights, military helicopters, titanium alloys and even neonatal incubators for premature babies nursing. All this time she silently put things in order on its countless factories, but at the end of 2012 spoke to the world in seven languages ​​through a new website, logo change and gained a clear floor. After all, before the name of the corporation has been written in the plural - "Russian Technologies", and now she clearly expresses his masculinity - "Rostec." Such certainty is important for foreign partners - they should understand with whom deal.


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