Emoticons - the main visual theme of the new logo Pepsi (+ VIDEO)

Pepsi plans to hold a global rebranding cost more than 1 billion dollarov.Kompaniya Pepsi reported a large-scale rebranding campaign in which even become a traditional logo will undergo some changes.

The company plans to convert logos Pepsi family in a series of emoticons that will be different for different products. Logo colors - blue, white and red, will remain unchanged.

"Smiley" will be extended depending on the "fortress" drinks - such as Diet Pepsi logo will almost smiling, Pepsi Max - laughing, and all brands of Pepsi logo will smile.

The font in the logo will also be replaced with a bold title on the normal line with the letter "e" containing wave, borrowed from the classic logo.

According to director of PepsiCo, the rebranding of the product line due to the financial crisis, which dampened demand for soft drinks. Launch products in new packaging company hopes to win back the consumers.

The company officially announced a major long-term investment for the revival of its core business the production of carbonated soft drinks, the development of which in the US has slowed down because of the desire of an increasing number of Americans eat more "healthy" drinks. According to the press secretary Nicole Bradley (Nicole Bradley), the first step will be to change the logo of canned brands Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist. Bradley did not name the exact amount that the company is going to spend on rebranding. In any case, the general director Massimo D'Amore (Massimo D'Amore) hinted that PepsiCo «invests in the business more than ever it was».

The design of the famous Pepsi logo was developed in the 50s of the last century.

Photo: Kuteev

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