Famous Belarusian condensed milk

The famous delicacy called condensed milk, produced in the Vitebsk region, OJSC "Glubokoye Milk Factory».
Inside reigns complete sterility, which can be compared to the surgical department.
Visitors to this place wear special clothes, painted in the journal of the absence of infectious diseases and are sanitized.

Hands before a visit of the ICC should be washed thoroughly - and not just with liquid soap and water, but with a special antiseptic. Tap water basins fed automatically - there are infrared sensors. This is to ensure that employees and visitors not touch the taps, because if a man touches his dirty hands, and the other - clean, the effect of washing can be reduced to nothing.

But that's not all! At the entrance to the workshop is necessary to put both hands into a special machine, the turnstile, which pour in the palm of a little disinfectant to wipe them. Simultaneously, the shoe soles are handled specially disinfectant. Only after the triggering device to pass the green light, and allows the turnstile to go inside.

Of course, all employees of the company are regularly required medical examination. Hands come into contact directly with the milk and dairy products they do not have, the entire process is automated, but especially food production require full guarantees.

 - We introduced the system in the enterprise security production of condensed milk cans of ISO 22000 and the system HASSP requirements which we are obliged to strictly observe, - says the Deputy Director for Operations Ludmila Duc. - First of all incoming milk is tested for antibiotics, as they can seriously affect human health. It uses a special device - HEAT-sensor. If so, for example, tetracycline or other drugs that are sometimes used by veterinarians to treat cows are found in milk - this party under any circumstances, we will not be accepted. If no antibiotics in milk, it undergoes a number of other laboratory tests that should determine the purity of the raw materials group, the percentage of fat mass fraction and, of course, organoleptic properties - in other words, taste, color and smell of the product. According to approved methods, milk before it is heated up to exactly 35 degrees to determine the odor and to the reflux temperature, followed by cooling to identify taste. And bring it to the plant suppliers are required only chilled to 10 degrees, because the bactericidal phase milk is stored for only two hours after its production. The veterinary certificate stating that it was obtained from healthy cows, as required.

According to Lyudmila Georgievna, raw material base of "Glubokoye Dairy Plant" is represented not only native to Glubokoe district enterprise, but also two more - Sharkovshchina and Braslavsky. And, although the suppliers of many years of cooperation with the ICC is more than proven, and the regions themselves - an environmentally clean, each party coming to the company's milk is subjected to strict incoming inspection, because it affects the safety of people.

Irina Vaskovich kindly agreed to conduct a tour of the same route, which passes for admission to the company each batch of raw materials: from the "arrival" in the tank farm, milk tanker sent to consumers in the form of packaged jars of delicious condensed milk.

 - There are unloaded or, as we say, "Unrolling" milk tankers, - says Irina Konstantinova. - What you see now - is cleaning tanks after unloading. This means that the party arrived milk passed laboratory tests proved high-quality and has been accepted.


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