Putin asked not to prohibit innocent Muslims

Public figures appealed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin with an appeal not to ban the film "Innocence of Muslims", reports "Interfax". Authors of the appeal also asked the head of state does not cover the resources on which the film is placed.
The letter states that "Innocence of Muslims" is used as an excuse to "the violence and the promotion of ignorance and religious fundamentalism" and an excuse to blackmail the civilized world. "Darkest forces of global terrorism are trying to intimidate and impose their will on modern civilization" - the statement says.

In this regard, Putin asked "not to forbid any given film or other disturbing religious extremists works of art." The appeal was signed by the analyst and gallery owner Marat Gelman, TV presenter Vladimir Kara-Murza, the architect Eugene Asse and others.

Today at 14:00 in the Tverskoy court of Moscow will consider the claim of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on the recognition of the film "Innocence of Muslims" extremist and ban on Russian territory. On Friday, September 28, a similar claim was also considered in the Leninsky district court of Grozny. This court issued a decision to ban the distribution of movies, but the final decision is not accepted, that is, the film has not yet been recognized as extremist.

Nevertheless, a number of measures designed to prevent distribution of the film and to limit access to it, has already been adopted. For example, the recording of the film was removed from the social network "VKontakte". Also, in some Russian republics, in particular Chechnya and Dagestan, providers have blocked access to the video hosting YouTube, where you can find a part of the film.

"Innocence of Muslims" is an amateur film shot for the anniversary of 11 September. The appearance of the film (in rent, he did not go, but has spread to the Internet) has caused a very sharp reaction in Muslim countries, where the riots broke out and attacks on embassies of Western countries. In one of the first such attacks in Libya killed four US citizens, including US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

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P.S. I'd add. BRAVO! Finally the Russians (already with a capital letter) said their legitimate right!



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