The court banned the Terrible "Innocence of Muslims"

The court banned the Terrible "Innocence of Muslims" for Russia !!!

Now in our country can completely block Youtube
Leninsky District Court of Grozny did that so long did the other courts of our country. Today, he acknowledged extremist scandalous tape "Innocence of Muslims". The lawsuit was served the Ministry for National Policy, Press and Information of the Republic. This was announced by Minister of the Chechen Republic for National Policy, Press and Information Murat Tagiyev.
The Ministry asked the court to recognize the film as extremist and inciting inter-confessional and ethnic hatred on religious grounds.
Grozny judges ruled that "the rejection of measures to curb the spread of the video may lead to serious negative consequences. And that could lead to destabilization throughout the region, most of whose population is Muslim ».
As explained the representative of the Ministry of Chechen Press, the court was held with the participation of representatives of the regional Roskomnadzor and mobile operators. Leninsky District Court of Grozny also ruled that need to be taken all measures to halt the spread of the film "Innocence of Muslims" on the Internet and other sources.
Now, under Russian law, since one court in the region has prevented a movie, automatically "Innocence of Muslims" is banned throughout the country. If within 10 days of that decision will not be challenged, the 7 days it will come into force in all of Russia.
Recall earlier it was expected that the first provocative American cinema in the Russian ban Tver Court of Moscow. However, it is clearly ahead of the Chechen ministers Themis.
Now, due to the recognition of the film 'Innocence of Muslims'' extremist, according to the laws of our country, the main hotbed of scandalous tape to YouTube may be completely blocked throughout Russia.
Recall, Ramzan Kadyrov has asked to punish the makers of a controversial film ... to the very God. It is in prayer "asking the Almighty to punish the authors of the film, the organizers of the survey and those who patronized them».
By the way, no less hard tone spoke of the "Innocence of Muslims" and the speaker of the Chechen parliament.
 - We strongly condemn this film.Eto greatest provocation against humanity in the XXI century, as the outraged feelings of billions of believers. Authors should be condemned by the international tribunal to capital punishment. They do not deserve to live in the world - said Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov, the press center of "KP».
And in the supervisory authority of the North Caucasus to the aid of higher forces apparently did not expect. Therefore, the prosecutor's office of Chechnya demanded from Internet providers to restrict access to websites and social networks, which can accommodate the film "Innocence of Muslims". A law enforcement agencies strictly recommended to follow this.
Internet service providers, including mobile operators, the Chechen prosecutor's office carried out the recommendation of the Chechen Republic, and denied access to resources, the transmitting anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims»


That let in Chechnya and block. We are not watching a movie, and if they look they have not insulted ...



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