Maniacs pursuing stars like they are caught and punished

Recently, Jennifer Aniston has won a court case that haunted her for months. A certain Jason Peyton imagined,
that he - the ideal candidate for the role of the father of the future child actress. Maniac so scared Aniston his matrimonial plans,
that she was forced to go to the police. Under the influence of this event popular American website has compiled a list
Hollywood celebrities, who at various times been victims of obsessed fans.

Each least malomalski starlet flashed on the big screen almost immediately acquires an army of fans. Sometimes, however, admirers and beauty of this or that celebrity becomes a little magazine articles, photo shoots, concerts or film premieres. They tend to be closer to the idol - get into the house, steal personal belongings and begin to look for a meeting with the "subject" of his sick imagination. When the star refuses so zealous of communication in the course are threats due bodyguards and police rarely put into practice.
Jennifer Aniston

24-year-old Jason Peyton, obsessed with his sick fantasy on the theme of "let's get married," he persecuted Jennifer Aniston a few months ago. To see the star of his dreams, he crossed the whole country. A fan on your car scratched inscription "I love Jennifer Aniston" and decorated the interior of her photographs. And he began to seek meetings with the star to make her a formal marriage proposal. The actress was forced to go to the police. In a statement, she wrote that "because of the annoying harassment and aggressive behavior of Mr. Peyton, she worries about his safety and that of their relatives».

When police arrested Peyton, he seized a sharp knife, a tape recorder and a large number of love letters addressed to Jennifer. Among the other was a letter where Jason writes: Aniston told him that he wanted him to be the father of her child. When arrested, Payton said he will still continue to pursue Jen.

The court issued an order prohibiting Jason Peyton closer to the star, as well as its managers, agents and other representatives, closer than 100 meters. And doctors have diagnosed - paranoid schizophrenia and placed the young man to the hospital for medical treatment. But, according to friends, Aniston still restless: she recently confessed that although Jason and planted, she continues to see him in his nightmares ...

Uma Thurman

Obsessed fan of the actress pursued two years. The patient psychiatric clinic 35-year-old Jack Jordan was arrested near the house of Uma in New York October 5, 2007. He spent the night under her windows, making his way to the set, and threatened to kill himself if he saw her with another man. During sessions of the court, Jordan said he would leave the Mind alone, if he knew that his behavior frightens her, and that he is very upset that he his actions upset the actress adored them.

As for Uma Thurman, she confessed to the court that this harassment absolutely knocked it out of the rut and has become a nightmare. After spending nearly a year in prison, Jordan was released, and was sent for compulsory treatment.

Claudia Schiffer

When supermodel Claudia Schiffer was seven months pregnant, her husband, British director Matthew Vaughn admitted that he was afraid for the life of Claudia. It is seriously feared that it could kill a crazy fan. My husband model had every reason to worry not only for the life of Claudia, and their children - six-year and five-year Klimentina Caspar, as their families are constantly persecuted. Crazy fans not only annoy the star family on the street, but also make their way into their house. For example, Matthew had found something in his house to pick up a fan. Although blood froze in his veins, the director tried to keep his composure, and even offered a cup of tea fan.

- I went to the kitchen and saw the man sitting at the table with the bag - he said. - At first I wanted to shout to him: "Get out of here!". But then I thought that he might have a knife or a gun, and my wife and kids just slept upstairs. So I offered him a cup of tea, and then called the police. He was just a freak.

According to Matthew, after the trial attacker immediately I got into a taxi, but did not go to the airport and asked the driver to take him to the house model. Another fan was Claudia's house with a bottle of his own blood.

- Yes, we constantly pursue freaks. I'm not a celebrity, but I am afraid for my wife. We all remember what happened to John Lennon - undergoing a director.

I must say that fans Schiffer persecuted for a long time. For example, in 2002, the year her house got an Italian Augustino Pomata and 2004, the year the Canadian Louis Brisetta twice expelled from her house in Suffolk UK.

Britney Spears

Singer in 2002, pursued a 41-year-old Japanese businessman Masahiko Shizava. Male pop princess sent their photos and messages such as "I am pursuing you." All over the fact that Britney filed a lawsuit with the request to protect her from a Japanese fan in 2003 has achieved this.


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