Cat, who gave birth to a puppy

Georgian TV Company "Imedi" with reference to a resident of Akhmeta district of Georgia Anzor Kochlamazashvili claims,
his cat gave birth to a puppy, and some residents of the area believed in it and demand that the scientists arrived at the scene and examined the anomaly.
On the eve of the TV company "Imedi" demonstrated the plot, which clearly shows how the baby with a tail, claws and ears like a cat,
but otherwise similar to the puppy sucking milk from a cat, and the cat at this time licking him like a kitten.
Cat in light gray color with breast and white paws and puppy spotted black and white.
"I never would have thought that the cat will give birth to a puppy ... During childbirth cat suffered ...
After a while I went and saw that the dog was born, "- he said on the air of" Imedi "Kochlamazashvili.


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