Innocence for sale through the Internet (8 photos)

The idea to sell the innocence over the Internet belongs to the Americans.
The first such auction staged beauty of Massachusetts.
At first, everyone was shocked, but then sucked.

Here's an example of 18-year-old girl from Romania who auctioned her virginity on the internet, spent the night with a 45-year-old winner of the auction.

How to write media "pretty Alina Perch spent the night in the Venetian hotel with Italian businessman after a stranger offered her 8 th. 782 pounds." As told Alina, the money was needed to study it at university. According to the girl, the Italian "was much younger" than she had expected, "he was very funny and charming. He had no beer belly ».

In the US, 22-year-old resident of California auctioned her virginity, the price for which the first four months increased to 3, 7 million dollars.

Natalie Dylan announced bids for the right to deprive her of her innocence in September, since it had already turned 10 thousand. Candidates. Nevertheless, it continues to wait for a better offer.

Earned money she intends to spend on a master's degree at the University.

Italian model Rafella Fico was going to sell her virginity, and for a large sum of 1 million euros.


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