Another system administrator is building a house

Inspired by the theme of how the system administrator has built a house. I doge sysadmin and also built a house in order to get rid of painful rental housing in the city

Will be 43 photos, please do not break.

Nuss start. Perhaps I'll start with one of the quite important events in any family - it's housing. Yes, it is their own housing. Background we have a little different from most. Rented accommodation, moving from one apartment to another, had pretensions to take a mortgage but thank God it did not take. It was decided to buy land and build a house without any loans. No sooner said than done. We started to look for land, to go watch. They were looking for the most cheap land but in the prospective site and found in the field where he will soon be a village. After the paperwork and signing the necessary contracts started the process.

The process was split into several stages
1. Build a small house and move in order to get rid of the rental
2. After the main house to raise

First of all, of course, toilet))

I miss the little things because this is a very large amount.
In general, exposed timbering, the foundation poured and left to rest for a couple of weeks since the foundation necessary to stand. Upon arrival, the formwork was removed and now he))

Brought wall material. I decided to build of foam concrete. I remind you that the building was in the field and therefore no water or light was not. All handles))
I went to the first block

After the first series, I realized that one person I could not do because no experience masonry is not present and each unit weighs 30kg, has been transformed by a mason with whom he agreed to lead the corners, and I have the walls and work started

The walls are growing

Box ready

Then he brought to the forest and started collecting stropilku roof. It was originally planned but one floor of appetite comes with eating, and so turned the attic floor

the future of the window of a bedroom

because summer is over and it was now autumn and money roof very much ate everything that was going to spend the winter will be a roofing material, but there was a sudden arrival of money and shut the roof Ondulin. When the wings to the roof once fell from there. It was damn painful.

Waterproofing and pulled a crate filled bars

I closed the last roof. In one person it was somewhat difficult


The yard was raging crisis and materials fell sharply in price but the RFP was stable. It was probably a gift of fate. The work did not stand up.
Brought windows, windows just set yourself. After installation of the windows we could have to hide from the cold winter wind.

And it came to pass the happiness brought light. It was just very cool because Now you can turn on the heater and stupid boil tea. The work went more cheerfully despite the 35 degrees of frost.

The works were unique and new year it was decided to meet at his home. House passed the new year in such a state that's

After the new year began, and has delivered a heater to warm the overlap, and in this period began Epiphany frosts. On ulke pressed -40 - 45

Because of the frost insulation process was hard because I stupidly freezing and tools, but each time in the house was getting warmer and warming by the end of the overlap in the house was already -1)))

In his free time from the basic work of construction and re-read a bunch of books and forums figuring strange me questions. The winter was cold but in the midst of sleep and finally has delivered the board to the sub-floor and over the weekend threw the board on the joists.

future kitchen

Once there was the floor I walked on it for a long time, it was very nice to do it because point move was close and came the realization that everything turns out.

Fate has thrown back a present and began to prepare for the attic insulation. There is already technology is not allowed to do this good hands needed a special installation. The installation found with the man agreed and began to prepare.
Were organized by blowing insulation boxes, all wrapped with crate

And then came that moment. Brought installation and began to blow a ton of insulation in the attic ducts.

The process is))

After this process, the temperature crept up steadily

Every hour the temperature was getting higher and higher, the house began to warm up, 3 days in the wall and warmed it established a comfortable temperature. Personally, I am glad that baby yak. I've worked without a jacket in comfortable clothes. Meanwhile spring came, the road is not normal and therefore had to pause because I could not drive. But it was the additional time that would go to the slab stage to finish. So far, the field dried up purchased materials for interior decoration and as soon as possible all this has delivered. and began the tedious and expensive process finishes. At this point, I stayed overnight at home.

Let's go in the kitchen wall

Since finishing guzzled fucking number of the family budget, it was decided to abandon the rented apartment. At this point, fate decided to test me, but as it turned out, again given the chance. I lost my job, and the question arose of moving edge. I sold the car, bought a cornfield, so it was necessary to finish the communication and to live in that time, while looking for a new job. But at the moment it has accumulated a number of fatigue that either seek special desire was not there, and I decided povybirat employers. Material for work is, money for food is - why would not break something?

In general, a matter of urgency has been assembled bathroom and running water. Cover the floor with plywood, he was preparing to move house. As I worked hard at a construction site at night, his wife quietly collecting things in a rented apartment.

Doors stuck

I cover the kitchen to whip up

And so we moved. Finally do not have to pay the rent. My heart was relieved. We have their homes and we have no one here will not drive))) As I slowly looked for a new job, it was decided to make a winter veranda and entrance.

Almost ready veranda

I did quietly upstairs and continued to search for a job. By the end of summer, I finally found what he was looking for. because It was a probation and other difficulties related to the new place of work of the building to reduce the rate.

I must say that the finish is very tedious process and takes a lot of time as well as I could only work on weekends process went very slowly, but moving.


When they began to appear seq. Finally there was the image that all is not in vain that all the time, strength and health is not spent in vain.

Decorative lighting))

I bought ceilings. I pulled one

The hall is almost ready

More room

Hall completed

By the time I learned on the job, the wife told the good news that our family will soon be another person))
So it is necessary to make life more comfortable.

Verified. Pregnant woman to comfortably move on this ladder)) for the bungled vacation

Let heating. PYSY. Do not buy the brand boilers. Blown 5 days with sparks and smoke.

Small touches of friends))) When else will draw on the walls

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At the moment, construction is continuing, growing son. And the most important thing that he grows in his home. The village is growing, it is no longer a field stretching to the horizon and the outline of the village. There were neighbors, new acquaintances.

I believe that we made the right decision to live in his home town of all I have a problem with someone is willing to shelter more determination. Let me remind you that we did not take loans from our family is not the oligarchs. Everything was done in the RFP and in the home without the involvement of third-party teams. The bulk of the familiar quickly merged and showing its essence.
This report is in fact the beginning. Ahead finish this house and laying the already large main house. )))

Thank you I have all



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