Office plankton

It is a plausible analysis of the company's employees average ... Read!))

The secretary - outraged when her so-called. She is a secretary. The main activity - telephone and fax. It looks important matter like this: Concerned Manager (calling on the intercom): "Helen, type Syzran, Ivan Ivanovich, very hot" secretary "O'key! (gaining Syzran) Ale! Good afternoon! Verunchik Hey, how's it going?
What is your baboon? (it is about the chief) What are you talking about ?! I bought myself a new jacket ... no - zhёltenkuyu (within 10 minutes of discussion blouse, lipstick and tomatoes, tights and "Colgate"). Listen, connect with Ivan Ivanovitch went home ...? Long? Just? Well, happily! And spit on this fool - will find another! (Number to be dialed concerns manager.) Ale! Ivan Ivanovitch had just left home, you're a little late. (On the phone heard the distinctive sound - Concerned manager tries to hang on a telephone wire.) The theater begins with a hanger, and an office with a secretary that all hangers give a hundred points ahead. Next to the secretary is usually:

The guard - he is stern and square. Looking guard always thoughtful - he himself mentally builds in single file, and converts to the first - the second. He walks around the office and looks as if something happens. And extinguishes extra bulb. To avoid. When someone comes out of the toilet cubicles, there comes a guard for a long time looking into the foaming water bowl. Suddenly, to the secret documents washed away. Or attempt to penetrate from the outside. There have been precedents. The guard - biceps office. This is a great and thoughtful. While he thinks it past the troublesome fly snuёt:

Manager of the ordinary - the word we like to call anyone. Manager disinfection - that means the cleaning lady. Managers are very fond of different balalaika phrases such as "branding", "breynstormy." But take his bright tie and demand to explain - what, for example, "franchising". You never know. And in general - managers funny people. Friendly and hardworking they run on smoke breaks and lunch, and at other times create monstrous traffic forwarding, each friend jokes: If the manager to tear off the team and put in a separate room, he quickly run wild and in its place there:


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