Diary sweating Muscovite

7.12 I woke up because drifted pillow.
7.24 went to wash. Hooray! Finally, cut off the hot water!
7.24 Oh, no, do not disable :-(
7.26 Still disconnected! It was cold water!
7.38 He wanted coffee. Put the kettle in the refrigerator.
7.53 Kettle boiled.
7.58 Coffee evaporated.
8.10 could not decide what to wear to work. The family's hot shorts and thong cut ...
8.15 Thong and decided to purchase a handheld fan
8.16 I thought and decided that no pockets in a thong, there is no place to put fan.
8.18 Here is a pancake, the thong backwards put ... Or it did before?
8.25 Before stopping ran easily lobbing feet. Hot. Fun passing car doused pedestrians spray asphalt.
8.31 Instead of unsteady trolley haze sailed a caravan of camels. Over gorizotom street stand ghostly outlines of a palace (not "Gazprom") on the banks of the oasis.
8.33 The driver is not a bikini. I would look out the window.
8.38 shpaloukladchits Brigade also goes bikini.
8.40 On the back of the site three men stood in a faint.
8.44 In the metro slipped without problems.
8.46 In the car uncomfortable shove elbows. Elbows slide.
8.50 in the crowd say that the shops "World of Fur in Sokolniki" and "Sheepskin at Alexis' burned with shame.
8.51 And that Borisov ponds renamed Borisov Riviera.
8.59 Near the metro station in the parking lot eight "Bentley" and two "Lamborghini": ice cream vendors come to work.
9.08 In the subway to the back stuck three women. Barely tore.
9.09 Near the chef works on the curb fry barbecue. He led me blankly. Probably it is necessary to remove the tie.
9.10 In the lobby of all. It turns out, is only one air conditioner.
9.11 With sad faces all gone.
9.15 Entering the office, he was afraid that he was in a bar "Blue Oyster": men in shorts and caps. It turned out, the protection of the new uniform.
9.20 Playing a miner, but the work is still in full swing
9.28 They say drove from office plankton fountains graduates and border guards - they are fun, and that work there.
9.30 chipped in all department at the fan.
9.33 Serketarsha chief cook coffee, set the cup on the windowsill.
9.55 They brought a fan. In the lobby, turn again.
10.00 Hooray! Filled then keyboard. Job stood. See the news.
10.11 Abramovich took off Deripaska to buy pizvavod "Ostankino". While only two mobile bargained barrels.
10.16 Urgently began massive construction of luxury homes in Oymyakon. Anadyr and Tiksi rave become fashionable resorts.
10.24 Some of the staff sit in chopanah and skullcaps. They say that does not help.
10.33 Yuri Luzhkov appeared in public wearing a cap in the hole.
10.41 The press secretary Yuri Luzhkov, Sergei Tsoi appeared in public with a fan.
10.50 Zhanna Friske has not appeared in public: nothing to wear.
11.03 The State Duma is trying to move the meeting to the shop deep-frozen cold storage facility number 14. The staff of the third hour of cold storage facility keep defenses.
11.12 Artur Chilingarov melted.
11.20 Greenland stopped issuing entry visas to Russians. Nobody knows how it happened, but there Berezovsky has elicited political ubezhische.12.00 Around something clicks.
13.00 Sick of clicking it.
13.01 Just on the radio - mercury in a closed volume at boiling starts clicking.
14.00 I went to the canteen, ordered the dumplings, asked not to cook
15.30 fainted at the meeting. bad boss squeezes jacket.
15:40 By the end of the meeting the chief lay half-naked on the negotiation table and demanded to call the maid to warm up that his broom
15.41 This! & Quot;:% №; He rushed from the neighboring department of the window at the birch. for a broom. Ass Kissing Guy brainless.
15.42 managery broke off a birch tree. Licking. boss gave zanycheny dry ice in a sock. Chef sign vacation.
15:58 Church in panic - now burning in hell boiler can only scare claustrophobic
21-00 went to hell. Cool immediately.


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