Merry fucking pictures

Today saw a picture of the children's magazine "Funny pictures", remembered that he had seen something delusional about it and got into the Internet. And there - just a holiday of some sort. But first things first.

Apparently, before drawing pictures on the cover, in the wording of going about the following:


Now soppsna themselves cover (not a fake !!!):
Just imagine, a child receives a fresh issue favorite magazine, and there - hop !!! - From wooden exhibitionist TAKE !!!

Subject Buratily revealed deeper into one of the following issues (the frog in shock):

The best gift for the New Year - new pants, baby! You, young fetishists:

All of the new millennium, potsony!

The famous picture with Malvina, suction nose of Pinocchio, is also inspired by the children's author:

Ruberoid, it's flowers, give dovylozhit)))

What can you do with a dead rat? You little necrophilia!

Wah, a yёzhik, slyushay !!!

Small bdsm, too, were not without surprises:

So it seems Van Gogh, eat your ear:

Funny joke for spring birds (and kote, seems too little vahue):

Duly appreciates the remaining cat holes Samodelkin:

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And the most remarkable thing that the artist creates in the magazine for more than 15 years, but not in the same room is not indicated his name. (Comics in top - E.Milutki). I am alone in a light shock, no?



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