Girls like prog

Yesterday I came to my mind that women are inherently - it is the most usual prog ...
 There are freeware - girlfriend, and time-limited shareware - Bride. Licensed copy called a "wife." And the procedure is whether the much-tsenzirovaniya complicated and expensive, everyone knows ... and agreeing to the license-of in nature, draconian - solid obliged, and no right of return type in the thirty-day period.
 It would seem, then the hell they want, these wives, why do not always benefit-vatsya freeware? Versions can download almost every day. But here, damn it, is not without problems! The first - almost all the freeware-version bored message asking eV-tered copy and often functionally limited. They had a long break and not always successfully ... Second-benefit vatsya them to be careful, carefully pre-By installing anti-virus software at the position and reliable, without holes in the defense, firewall. Otherwise, even a stray packet during a connection can send the entire system down nine Me-months, triggering a steady increase in the size of the swap on the hard disk.
 There will have to either contact the spices, co-tory swap cleans and removes all unnecessary, or a copy of the license. This is equivalent for cool hacker-formatting broom but with the help of a large nazhdachki and rusty nail. There are, of course, multi-user systems that are in Internet cafes: Come, choose, enjoy it. They can poyuzat if necessary, and payment basically hourly, although viruses there are still problems. And if you figure out what the result comes out expensive.
 And the right would still problems Liezen-sion! Everything is much worse!
 Important functions of girls often nedokumentirova HN, closed source, and help are absolutely bestol-kovy. And support services, damn it, even if you have a licensed copy, you want to sneeze! BOOT ... In addition, the system has been installed to constantly defend against hacker attacks and keep several different versions of the ML-simultaneously is very difficult, because they are constantly in conflict ...
 There are, damn it, a lot of known bugs, such as when the system is completely cleans your cash and self-pendently uninstalled. Or constantly generates a signal busy on the telephone, is not responding to interrupts. In the shops and in front of the mirror, they all just hang on, is dead and can hang for hours, though you burst ... The problems start from the beginning, from the moments, that choosing the right distribution with intelligent printing, not pohakannogo and without virus. And then, damn it, there is a long and complex process of installation: the system has to mollify long cargo and, in general - a solid hemorrhoids ... So I realized in the end: Windows and nine-ki - it's almost the same thing! Type as poured from one barrel! Judge for yourself: they both have a nice interface, at first glance, friendly, love cool cars and race-hoduyut bunch of valuable system resources ... Haruko ter their capricious and unpredictable quirks. De-install without incident is rarely, usually have to Prima!
 adopt drastic measures ... One word: girls mact forbid! What WPRO-than inspires some hope ...

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