Escaped prisoners countrymen considered heroes.

The fugitives were once convicted for revenge guest workers.

Loud four prisoners escaped from a prison near Irkutsk №19 in the village of Markova in the night of May 18 was a continuation of not less than sensational case of war villagers Moskovschina with visiting workers. As it turns out, escaped convicts eight years ago were behind bars for the murder of two migrant workers, which they considered the killers of their loved ones. As then, locals have learned in the escaped prisoners those "people's avengers," today was a lot of sympathy and ready to help the fugitives, even financially.


Recall that four of the daring escape of criminals from prison №19 in the village of Markova became known early on Saturday morning. As it turned out, the three killers and convicted of robbery (he is in the category of "The Avengers" did not fall, but apparently just joined the escape) did undermine the main fence and escaped. We began the search for escaped prisoners. Police examined the forest Shelekhov and Irkutsk regions. Parallel wanted fugitives started in taiga area, as well as in cities and towns from Slyudyanka to Nizhneudinsk. However, the search produced no results. After the media had announced data, as well as detailed marks of convicts, up to tattoos and scars on the bodies of prisoners.

Law enforcement officers also did not rule out that the escapees led 37-year-old Vladimir Avdeev prisoners hiding in the forest. The fact that Avdeev - a former employee of Airborne unit - well-versed in the forest areas. In 2005, he was hiding from the law enforcement bodies, he lived in the forest for nearly three months.

Upon learning that the escaped prisoners were convicted in 2006 for the brutal murder of migrant workers, local residents quickly remembered the case of "people's avengers," which eight years ago rocked the entire Irkutsk region.

As reported in the local press when, in 2005 Moskovschina rocked terrible and mysterious deaths of young people - literally one after the other for three months ... first appeared 21-year-old Vitaly Moskvitin. He was found hanging on a fence in the middle of the village. Man hung on a string from his own sweat. Near the fence lay nowhere who undertook construction gloves and bundles of hay.

After 40 days in April, he was found hanged a 17-year-old Victor blows. As Moskvitin, this guy sat on his haunches, his throat was lace on sneakers. The police said that the two cases - suicide and refused to bring the case.

And only after the third case, which occurred a month later, the security forces began to stir. In May passers accidentally stumbled on to a cart suspended from the shoe lace 15-year-old Alexander Rukosueva. Fortunately, the guy managed to save. He said that before losing consciousness from the cart, he saw before him the Tajiks - builders with a furniture shop. By the way, there were guys home, which could not be saved. Sasha told that he drank tea, which he treated the workers. He became ill, and he went home. It seemed odd that he had burned the heel, and the workers helped him remove shoes ... And then the man lost consciousness. While in the hospital, doctors confirmed that Sasha had toxic poisoning an unknown substance.

The village started to panic, which turned into a confrontation local and Tajiks. The latter even briefly taken to a police station, then released, and - not to bring to the mob - were taken from the village.

But after a few days in the shop Asians reappeared. Six young people, among whom there were now fled Vladimir Avdeev, Yuri Prokhorov and Alexander Rybak (they were all relatives or close friends of the hanged), went to the shop. Conversation did not happen. As a result of the fight, two migrant workers have died, several were disabled.

The court sentenced the attackers to between 8 to 25 years in prison. And then the residents Moskovschina opinion was on their side, and now; local blogs residents expressed their words of encouragement and even expressed a desire to help with money.



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