Prohibit officials to buy expensive cars

Guys, I understand that the policy post, but me as a former active taxpayer strongly that kills crooks and thieves of our expense zatarivatsya limousine 5-7 Lyamov each.

Help support the initiative to ban bulk buying expensive cars to officials 1.5mln rubles, and let the bureaucrats hang himself bile.

In general, everything is up to date on the initiative of Mr. "convict" Navalny.
I do not know what kind of person he does not know, maybe work on America, but the only thing he catches the rays of my happiness - is this pruftsy he smuggles - gives luzly bureaucrats, etc.

Chances are, if dorvetsya to power - will also be a steal, xs, we are all humans. But one thing he is stirred up, I can not miss, and not to support.

I know there have been threads, and the type is now followed by the charge boyanizme and that, but you will agree - there are only 5%, and we have to somehow get together and make a breakthrough.

so let's - was the last spurt!



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