Putin signed a law banning officials have assets abroad

A year ago, Putin signed the law. Already preparing for a confrontation with the West. Moreover, everyone understands very hinted "guys, the findings for soon will be too lateĀ»:

Members of the government have to get rid of the accounts and securities in foreign banks, the President signed the document under discussion for a long time. Also, officials can not be hold and use foreign financial instruments.

The State Duma adopted a law on April 24 The Federation Council approved it three days later.

Under the Act are subject, in addition to ministers, judges, deputies, senators, soldiers, investigators, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, customs and tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds, the auditors of the Accounts Chamber, heads of city and municipal districts. Outlawed now and foreign assets at the contenders for the presidency of Russia (at the time of its registration by the CEC), the governor, federal or regional deputy, a member of the Federation Council, the elected head of the city and municipal districts. The ban applies to spouses and minor children of all the above.

"Foreign financial instruments", which are prohibited from owning, recognized all types of foreign securities, including stocks, bonds, depository receipts, shares, options, futures, forwards, swaps, and even travelers checks. Officials can not be stored in foreign banks money or other valuables.

As for foreign real estate, valued by some civil servants, against her unconditional declaration of the rule: you can own, but would have to disclose the sources of funds for its purchase.

In fact, to get rid of all the no assets, the officials will be three months, during which time the officials have to make a choice between the civil service and the foreign accounts and securities. Failure to comply with the ban will be punished with dismissal for loss of trust.

Little doubt that Putin prepares Ukrainian layout on SPIN territory long before Euromaidan. More precisely, almost no doubt, with such training is not improvise.
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