Kotogrib or gribokot?

Do not jump to conclusions.

Yes, this picture Yap uzhevideli, but did not know the story of creation, and the remaining 14 have not seen the photos.

Wasabi-chan - is the most popular cat on the internet lately. As you might guess, it is from Japan and became famous primarily for its cute, but pretty uncomfortable clothes. However, that is not the idiocy of the hostess, but just the opposite.

She heard the cry of a kitten in the yard. Looking out into the street, she saw a few crows attacking a small cat. Future hostess quickly brought the animal to the vet. As it turned out, the birds heavily damaged kitten's mouth, so to eat on their own, he could not. The doctor had to bring the catheter directly to the stomach that food gets into it, bypassing the digestive tract. Weight kitten was only 210 grams.

Its milk fed every 4 hours, resulting in a few days, the weight increased to 274 grams.


5. Language cat was torn in half, so sometimes dangling from his mouth.


7. The hostess chose the name - Wasabi-chan. To the kitten did not resist feeding and did itself no favors, Wasabi-chan started putting on costumes.

8. This picture is in a suit brought Tarak and kitten popularity.

9. Tarak - a Japanese national dish. Kind of salted roe, which is usually made of pollock.


11. In the meantime, Wasabi-chan began to recover.



14. On the other pets relationship already established.

15. Wasabi-chan wish a speedy recovery.

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