End of an era

We live in a free end of an era of the Internet. Internet will never be such as we remember. Everything changed with the adoption of certain laws and access to the Internet, your every word is now on the Internet will be used against you and your loved ones. Any reference, any statement, any status, any song, any picture or video - all in the end may harm your reputation and to the people and the law.
It took time, the Internet, the time has come countless kotyatok, funny somersaults, social networking, twitter, online stores with different heresy degradation.
All our data on almost all sites are duplicated in hundreds of different servers, hundreds of compromising sources. Every word you say drunk once sots.seti - remain forever, your every word may lead to a series of troubles.
And remember dialup, Fidonet, dc, forums, locale, local games, the file Balloons, local community, local torrents, meetings, chat rooms? Everything has an end, with every second of their number reduced, leaving only the last millennium oldfagi who stubbornly fighting for freedom and his old interests. Melancholy, nostalgia, a disease many of us.
We are dying out, and humble, rising new generation, which in the nature of things be under the supervision of the whole world, which is normal to be in an environment where they were born, okay to be ...
Many of us have long have children, a wife, a decent job, but deep down inside each of us lives the pimply teenager who first tried to put Linux (/ FreeBSD) for the interest of each of us trying to build your Fido, each of us lokalku remembers the names of each of us remembers the beginning of the bash-organ, every one of us started with this career in IT, every one of us wanted to be Gates and Zuckerberg. But everything turned out differently, and we do not have beards, every prosperity and above average holiday abroad once a year. Sadly, my friends. Time is running out, and we with him, just as the IT-person of our time in dirty sweaters go to the far corners of memory and retire, we will never understand, but listen, do not understand their mania for the first PC and the first network relationship to the Internet.
We are morally and technically obsolete, our time was spent as the time of our internet. Students who so irritated before us - have long received academic status, many of them took our seats in our previous jobs, they became adults administrators, programmers; And they just look at us as we looked at those strange people in sweaters in our time.

We are the last generation of free Internet and Technology PC computers for a long time now all Android-s, touch screens, iPhones, Google-voices. They do not know how to manage consecutive-chit on the picture until it is loaded, do not know about the exchange of hard disks and floppy disks, they do not know what a bit, do not know about the assembler does not know about lokalki do not know about the price of bytes of information, they for a long time there are clouds and ignorance of what it is and what it cost us.

A moment of silence, please, God for a lost era, freedom and youth.

Source: Habrahabr



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